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Kwality Ltd.’s Board Approves Appointment of New Statutory Auditors

Kwality Ltd., amongst largest and fastest growing private dairy companies in India, today announced that the Board has considered and approved appointment of MSKA & Associates (‘MSKA’) as its new statutory auditors for the period FY 2017-18 to FY 2021-22, subject to approval... (more)
Kwality Limited Obtains “Kwality” Artwork from the Founding Father Sh. P.L Lamba

Kwality Limited, India’s leading and fastest-growing dairy company, today announced that it has obtained the permitted use of “Kwality” artwork confined to its use in relation to dairy products & beverage offerings (excluding usage in the Ice cream, ice lollies & f... (more)
Kwality Ltd, Reports Financial Results for the Quarter and Nine-months Ended December 31, 2014

Editor Synopsis
Q3 FY15 Results (Comparisons with Q3 FY14)
- Net Sales at Rs 1286.11 crore vis-a-vis Rs 1141.07crore
- PAT at Rs 36.12 crore vis-à-vis Rs 32.14 crore
- EBIDTA at Rs 85.33  crore vis-a-vis Rs 69.70 crore
- EPS (Face Value Re... (more)
Kwality Ltd Reports Standalone Financial Results for the Quarter and Half Year Ended September 30, 2014

Editor Synopsis:
Q2 FY15 Results V/s Q2 FY14
Net Sales at Rs 1296.87 crore vis-a-vis Rs 1072.75crore
PAT at Rs 36.57 Crore vis-à-vis Rs 29.98 crore
EBIDTA at Rs 78.25 crore vis-a-vis Rs 64.68 crore
EPS at Rs 1.80 v/s Rs. 1.48
Kwality Limited Poised to Scale Up Business; Moving for Business Transformation

 Kwality Limited – India’s premier dairy foods company – today announced the business transformation as the Company pulls out all stops to emerge as the premier player in India’s dairy segment.
The new Business Transformation Team will be ... (more)
Kwality Ltd Q1 Net Sales up 27.21% at Rs. 1326.22 Crore

Editor Synopsis
Q1 FY15 Results (Comparisons with Q1 FY14)
Net Sales at Rs 1326.22 crore vis-a-vis Rs 1042.55 crore
PBT at Rs 40.06 crore vis-a-vis Rs 32.23 crores
EBIDTA at Rs 77.09 crore vis-a-vis Rs 60.31 crore
EPS at Rs 1.68 v/s Rs. 1.39(more)
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