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We at RentSher are passionate about the sustainable planet and want to ensure that as much of earth’s flora and fauna remains for long for our children and grandchildren to enjoy!

Our planet is definite and we cannot assume to exploit it indefinitely. With growing population and drying out resources, we need to go back to good old sharing model.
 Recent press releases
RentSher Completes the Pilot for “Asset Management Investment Program” with $200K Deployed an online marketplace for product rentals is a seed funded start-up - now already operational for more than a year. Anyone - either traditional offline rental suppliers or individuals can upload their products on RentSher in two minutes to give them on rent. Individuals and... (more)
CoHo ties up with RentSher to Enhance Offerings in Youth Living Spaces

India's leading long term managed Co-living space provider for students and youth (working professionals) has tied up with RentSher to provide furniture and appliances on rent in villas, apartments and student dorms currently operating in Delhi NCR.
The broad offe... (more)
RentSher Banking on Millennial’s Preference of Consumption Over Buying

Millennials prefer to live light and get the most out of every moment. In today’s sharing economy this translates to a significant shift in preference for renting over buying. RentSher is well positioned to capture and foster this behavioural shift.
Millennial G... (more)
RentSher Helps Startups and SMEs in their Journey from Cockroach to Unicorn

With the easy funding flow of 2015 drying up, the theme of the season today including guidance from VC and investor community is to execute like a “Cockroach”. It means survive under extreme conditions like cockroaches do. Even the theme around Unpluggd 2016 happening in May is ... (more)
RentSher Provides Range of Economical and Entertaining Activities for Kids this Summer, Delivered to your Doorstep

Summer is here and so are the kids’ vacations. The first thing that comes to parents minds these days is how to engage the kids for the full two months - and it is not an easy task. Startups like RentSher are providing for engaging activities that can be planned and yet don’t co... (more)
Online Renting Platform RentSher Secures $300K Seed Funding

Online rental marketplace RentSher has raised more than $300K in seed funding. The round was led by Dubai based ex-McKinsey investor Vaibhav Doshi along with a clutch of other well known entrepreneurs turned investors including Abhay Singhal, Co-founder of In Mobi, Vibhu Garg, Co-founder an... (more)
Podar Jumbo Kids ties up with RentSher for Providing over 6K Costumes for Kids Functions

Convenience, choice and most of all, fractional cost, is making it attractive for many to rent costumes and party dresses online. Leading play school chain in South India- Podar Jumbo Kids is also doing the annual days of 40 centers in a new way this year- by tying up with ... (more)
Indian Startups will Lead the Global Sharing Economy in 2016

The sharing or renting economy is rapidly establishing itself as a disruptive new framework in the wake of the extreme consumerism that was led by e-commerce and mobile-commerce companies.A PwC report estimates that the market will be $335 billion globally by 2025. As a McKinsey Quarterly a... (more)
Oxford Alumni Bring Sharing Back to India through a Unique Offering,

In 2007-08 as the world was pushed into greatest recession anybody in the workforce had seen, three Indian students in Oxford were discovering way to live light, have variety and yet save money. It was simple concept of collaborative consumption by means of renting. They were not only renti... (more)
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