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Sending an e-invitation for the birthday dinner or a casual meet-up or for corporate events is now a breeze – Thanks to Map My Meet (MMM) app!

MMM is a simple yet efficient route navigation app that can be used with cell phones and other mobile devices.

Want to try the new restaurant round the corner near your workplace? Use the functionality-rich Map My Meet app to send an e-invitation to your gang of friends and get them onboard easily.

The most striking features of this invitation app are:

Live navigation from the current location to the place of meeting.
Send driving instructions on a real-time basis thus ensuring better co-ordination.
Ability to chat with all members of the group after the e card is sent.
Explore other places of interest like restaurants and pubs around the meet-up spot.
Calculate the estimated time of arrival through the electronic invitation.
Form different groups to send the e party invitation personally to friends, family and colleagues.

Map My Meet is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices thus making it the most preferred birthday invitation application from the mobile world.
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Map My Meet, an Invitation, Coordination and Navigation App, Allows Users to Send e-Invite with Driving Directions for Social Events and Business Meetings

Electronic invitations or e-invites may be the quickest and easiest way to invite friends or colleagues for a get together or business meeting; however, describing the driving directions to the venue to all recipients remains a task for the host. Map My Meet provides a simple yet effective ... (more)
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