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Sram & Mram Group, is a leading international conglomerate started by the visionary Mr. S L Hiranandani with a vision to tap the vast potential of the Far East. Right from being a staunch agrarian himself with a single minded devotion to tap the vast natural resources of Cambodia, Mr.Hiranandani started Sram & Mram Ltd. Today the company has branched out into a whole gamut of operations viz. Agricultural Production, Marketing and Distribution, Minerals & Ores, Petrochemicals, Information Technology, Salt Mining, Media and Publishing, 2D and 3D Digital Animation, Gems and Jewellery, Embedded Systems, Steel and Industrial Infrastructure.

We are working on one of the world’s biggest challenges – how to ensure food security for a growing population in a sustainable way. Our over 100 direct and indirect employees contribute by helping farmers produce larger harvests, by ensuring a seamless connection between farmers and customers among regions, and by producing high-quality products ranging from animal feed to consumer foods to renewable fuels.

In approximately 10 countries you can find Sram & Mram and its group. We are ready to help serve the world, in partnership with farmers and customers, in processing plants, ports and packaging facilities, on the trading floor and on the move - all around the globe.
 Recent press releases
Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani Received Doctrate from Malaysia South India Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM & MRAM Group, was the proud recipient of the Doctorate in social and charitable movements from the Malaysian South India Chamber of Commerce (MSICC), a premier organization hastening the business needs of the Malaysian and Indian business c... (more)
SRAM & MRAM Group and SITI 1 Embark on a Historic Global Halal Tourism Venture

SRAM & MRAM Group and SITI 1 International signed a joint venture association agreement to venture into the hugely profitable but yet unchartered Halal Tourism business. This could probably start a new wave of investments and technological advances in the fields of Halal Tourism a... (more)
Ankor Wat to SMEXASEAN – The Indian Connection to Cambodia

The Cambodian SME market looks poised for a major overhaul with the association between Small Entrepreneurs Association, an association formed by Mr. Tompen Virak Vitou, and SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited, a global conglomerate.
Left to Right: Mr. Tompen ... (more)
CATA and SRAM & MRAM Sign Historic Agreement to Perform Prayers at Kulan Mountain

In an economic environment struggling and grappling with depleting margins and lower than natural growth, there is one industry which seems to be bullish and buoyant. The tourism industry across the globe has been seeing steady rise in traction in the past 18 months inspite of the global s... (more)
Kumbh Mela 2019, a Step Ahead in the 5th Dham Journey

One epitome congregation, celebrated every twelve years, six important bathing days, 32 Sq. Km area, forty plus bathing ghats, forty-nine special trains and two thousand plus buses are buzzing with activity from devotees ferrying themselves to the makeshift township of Kumbh Nagri. We are ... (more)
5th Dham – Prayagraj to Seam Reap, The Sanathana Dharma Holy Grail Starts its Journey

Cambodia and India are preparing themselves for a holy pilgrimage trip that will encompass millions of the Indian Diaspora from across the world that will send them on a spiritual trail culminating at the 5th Dham at Seam Reap, Cambodia. Cambodia as most people know being a predominantly B... (more)
'Mohammed Mansoor', The Latest Hind Ratan from Bahrain Shines at 38th International Congress of NRI’s

The Indian business diaspora across the globe convenes at the annual International Congress of NRI’s of Indian Origin conclave on the eve of the Republic Day to honour the best businessman of the year. Continuing on that tradition the 70th Republic Day saw a new Hind Ratan Mr. Mohamm... (more)
Spice Garden and Pardeep Batra Shine In ASEAN – India Business Summit

The 3rd ASEAN - India Business Summit (AIBS), conclave organized under the aegis of Ministry of International Trade and Industries conducted its annual commemorative dinner and achievements awards ceremony at the St. Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 27th of November 2018. The c... (more)
SMEXINDIA to Give Nation’s SMEs Impetus for Growth

The MSME Sector in India is set to take a huge leap with the proposed launch of SMEXINDIA, a division of SMEXASEAN, an online marketplace owned and operated by SRAM & MRAM Group, a leading international conglomerate with footprints across 5 continents and 12 countries from their headqu... (more)
Jupiter Xll Enters Orbit of Malaysia's Media, Entertainment Sector

SRAM & MRAM Technologies and Resources Limited a UK based tech giant, today launched Jupiter XII fund, a media intensive close ended fund to marks its entry into the tinsel town. With the world growing towards content aggregation and content management, SRAM’s entry looks apt cons... (more)
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