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Yaantra is an authoritative mobile phone repair, resale, and refurb center with serving over 80,000+ customers in Delhi NCR and Bangalore. The company is powered by GadgetWood eServices Pvt. Ltd, which was setup in 2013 with an idea of offering doorstep and dependable technical support in consumer electronics (Smartphones & Tablets), backed by the certified and knowledgeable team of experts.
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Yaantra Disrupts the On-demand Doorstep Phone Repair Services in India

Yaantra, the leader in smartphone repairs and refurbishment category today announced that it has recorded a 200 percent CAGR growth in the repair category in the last three years. With over 700 certified technicians and repair services across 14,000 pin codes in India, the company has emer... (more)
Yaantra Wins ‘Fastest Growing Recommerce Company’ Global Award

Evolved business from repair to recommerce in just 5 year
Registered the remarkable YOY growth of 250%
Yaantra, India’s leading recommerce company in smartphones & wearables received ‘The Fastest Growing Recommerce Company of the Year&r... (more)
Yaantra Bags ‘Fastest Growing Small Business of the Year’ Award

Yaantra, the leaders in smartphone repairs & refurbishment category, received ‘The Fastest Growing Small Business of the Year’ award in the just concluded 8th edition of Small Business Awards 2019. Yaantra was chosen as the top performing company among 1500+ best companies ... (more)
Yaantra Makes Branded Smartphones Affordable to the Common Man

As part of the year-end bonanza, consumers can save upto 50% on a variety of refurbished branded smartphones and wearables
On-demand smartphone repairs start at INR 99/- 
Yaantra, the leaders in smartphone repairs & refurbishment category has... (more)
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