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ROSATOM is the only company in the world to offer integrated clean energy solutions across the nuclear supply chain and beyond, including the design, build and operation of nuclear power stations, uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, the supply of nuclear fuel, decommissioning, spent fuel storage and transportation and safe nuclear waste disposal. With seventy years’ continuous experience, the company is the world leader in high-performance solutions for all kinds of nuclear power plants. It is also working in the segments of wind generation, nuclear medicine, energy storage and other.
 Recent press releases
Wild Edens: South Asia, a New Feature Documentary Dedicated to the Fight Against Global Warming, Premieres in Mumbai

The programme is brought to you by Rosatom and will be broadcast by National Geographic this spring
The premiere of a new documentary “Wild Edens: South Asia", the third in a series that highlights the issue of climate change, took place in Mumbai, Ind... (more)
Wild Edens: South Asia, A New Feature Documentary Dedicated to The Fight Against Global Warming, will Premiere in Mumbai

The premiere of a new documentary “Wild Edens: South Asia,” the third in a series that highlights the issue of climate change will be held in Mumbai, India on March 19. The documentary puts an emphasis on the unique and delicate habitats of India and Bangladesh and the reg... (more)
Rosatom Announces Wild Edens Photo Contest

Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation announces the ‘Wild Edens Photography Contest’ as a part of its Wild Edens project.
South Asia
The contest will be held on March 1 - 10, 2019. Applications are open for all amateur and asp... (more)
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