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Since 1991, Statcon Energiaa is the No.1 Trusted Indian Company in the Power Electronics Sector. With 25000+ Project Sites and 95 MW of Solar Inverter Installations across the globe, Statcon Energiaa offers products and services in four major sectors: Solar| Power| Defence| Railways to over 20 countries and territories.

The Company offers customized Renewable Energy Solutions to the Industrial, Utility and Residential sector as well as applications like Solar Cold Storages for the Agricultural Sector. Statcon Energiaa is one of the largest manufacturer of Solar Hybrid Inverters (1-250KW) and its wide range of Solar Products continuously delivers value and satisfies needs of the solar sector.
 Recent press releases
Statcon Energiaa - Leading India in Rooftop Solar Inverters

Statcon Energiaa has played a major role to become the no. 1 Indian manufacturer company in the solar inverter manufacturing sector by supplying 2.9% (34 MW) rooftop solar inverters in India’s rural and urban areas, according to  Bridge to India report ... (more)
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