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Razorpay Recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Payment Start-up’ at IFTA 2019

RazorpayX, the neo-banking platform, won the ‘Most Innovative Fintech Product’
Harshil Mathur, Co-founder and CEO honoured as the ‘Fintech Leader of the Year’
Delivering innovation that empowers businesses, Razorpay, the neo-ban... (more)
Razorpay Exhibits Towering Growth - Offers ESOP Buyback for Second Time in a Year

The company has grown by 500% in the last one year
Reinforces commitment towards continuous investment in its strong workforce 
Razorpay, India’s first converged payments solution company, today announced the implementation of the second E... (more)
Customer Demand for Digital Payments Booming, Grew by 106% in the Last 9 Months: Razorpay’s ‘The Era of Rising Fintech’ Report

India witnessed a 383% growth in digital transactions (April FY’18 - March FY’19)
With 25%, Food and Beverage sector had the highest adoption of digital payments
From January to September, 2019, UPI transactions spiked up by 222%
... (more)
Razorpay Strengthens its Leadership Ranks, Hires New CIO and CBO

India’s first converged payments solution company, Razorpay, today welcomed Amitabh Tewary and Rahul Kothari to its team, as their Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) and Chief Business Officer (CBO), respectively.
Left to Right: Amitabh Tewary, CIO and Rahul Koth... (more)
Y Combinator Recognises Razorpay Among its Top 50 Companies

For the second year running, Razorpay, India’s First Converged Payments Solution company, gets recognised by the renowned American startup accelerator, Y Combinator, in its mega list of top 100 companies for 2019, as sorted by each company’s valuation.
... (more)
LinkedIn Recognises Razorpay Among India’s Top 10 Startups to Work with

India’s First Converged Payments Solution company, Razorpay, not only does a good job of making payments and financial systems seamless and intelligent for businesses, it also manages to build a simulating workplace of creativity and innovation among its employees.
40% of Digital Payments will be Driven by Tier 2 Businesses and Consumers by 2020: Razorpay

India witnessed 40% Growth in digital transactions (Apr-May-June Vs Jan-Feb-March)
UPI transactions grew by 71% from Q4 of FY 18-19 to Q1 of FY 19-20
Karnataka is the highest contributing state in digital transactions in the country
Razorpay... (more)
Razorpay Powers Cross-border Trade for Indian Businesses, Launches Digital Payment Support for 100 Currencies

Razorpay, India’s first converged payments solution company, today announced that it now supports 100 currencies for international digital payments - including all popular currencies such as U.S. Dollar (USD), European Dollar (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Arab Emirates Dirham... (more)
Razorpay Recognised Among Top 50 Global Next-Gen Unicorns by NYT-CB Insights

 Razorpay, India’s first converged payments solution company, added yet another feather in their illustrious cap. In a list published by CB Insights, a firm that tracks startups globally, Razorpay has been listed in the top 50 private companies in the world that ... (more)
4 Fintech Trends that will Impact You and Your Business in 2019

The fact that Indians are comfortable making C2G (citizen-to-government) payments online - which were traditionally made in cash - shows how far we have come in our quest for a truly Digital India. Not just transaction volumes - behaviors, and hard-set notions about digital payments have t... (more)
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