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Press background on US Freedom Capital
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US Freedom Capital is a boutique investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas with the Indian head office in Mumbai. The firm is focused on providing diversified dollar denominated structured investment opportunities to global investors to earn stable, predictable returns as well as gain US Green Card through the EB-5 Visa Program, keeping in mind the safety of principal investments.
 Recent press releases
US Freedom Capital is Spreading the EB-5 Craze throughout Mumbai

Mumbai based immigration experts from US Freedom Capital are making a large footprint in generating interest around America’s EB-5 investment visa program. As one of the foremost EB-5 consultancies in India, US Freedom Capital has been capturing the eyes of many high-net worth indivi... (more)
US Freedom Capital and Genesis Eduventure Jointly Discuss Foreign Education

On April 14th, 2019 immigration experts from US Freedom Capital partnered with an educational institution named Genesis Eduventure to speak to families throughout Kolkata on US permanent residency and foreign education.
Left to Right: Stan Bradshaw (CEO of US Freed... (more)
Gaurav Mashruwala Talks Portfolio Diversification with US Freedom Capital

Financial Planning Expert, Gaurav Mashruwala, talked to a web-audience on the do’s and don’ts of portfolio diversification on 7th March. The host of the webinar was Mumbai based investment house US Freedom Capital.
Financial Planning Expert, Mr. Ga... (more)
US Freedom Capital’s Union Budget Commentary

With the national elections a few months away, the 2019 Union Budget in India was largely centered around populism. One aspect of the budget that has taken the hot seat of discussion is the fiscal deficit number. The fiscal deficit is projected by the government at 3.3% of GDP (a slip from... (more)
US Freedom Capital Co-hosted a Panel Discussion with Phillip Capital on Global Investments

US Freedom Capital, a global investment firm partnered with Phillip Capital, a financial house headquartered in Singapore, to host a panel discussion on global investments. The discussion, hosted over breakfast, brought together prodigious thought leaders and investment professionals from ... (more)
2019 is the Best Year for Dollar Diversification: US Freedom Capital

US Freedom Capital’s Deputy CIO, Arindam Sengupta, spoke on global diversification at the Mehta Fincon Global Investor Conference, Gujarat’s biggest HNI investor conference organized by Mehta Fincon Services Ltd. on January 12, 2019. The theme for the conference was &... (more)
EB-5 Skyrockets in India as H1-B Under New Threat: US Freedom Capital

US Freedom Capital, among India’s leading EB-5 investment consulting firms today said that it expects the process completion time (from application to receipt of Green Card) to increase from 2 years to over 5 years for new applicants if they apply around July 2019 under the EB-5 Visa... (more)
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