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Saveetha dental college begun its journey in dental education with a strength of 40 students. Its here a small tight community of dental professional who have become principals and deans in various institutions began their first steps in their career. The students faculty and staff of those days were so friendly and attached that even today with all our advent into small group learning, we are yet to replicate such a strong sense of community. The alumni who from the very first years are the most active members of the Saveetha old students association (SOSA).

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Saveetha Dental College - Pride of India - First Indian Institute to Enter Top 10 Ranking in Scopus Database

Saveetha Dental College, Chennai has secured the 7th position in the world for the highest number of publications in a dental institute in the Scopus® International database. With a total of 2257 publications, this is the first time an Indian institution has cracked the top 10 list. Th... (more)
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