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Bizom is a Mobile first, SaaS-based suite of automation solutions tailor made for consumer companies. This is ‘The Retail Intelligence Platform’ that delivers real-time insights for driving greater distribution efficiency that helps organizations to grow.

Bizom’s end-to-end solutions layered with AI and machine learning provide brands with the structure, visibility, and insights required to decide what to sell, where to sell and how to sell.

Its customers include international brands such as Reckitt-Benckiser, Hershey’s, Nivea, Mars as well as top Indian brands such as Parle Agro, Jyothy Laboratories Limited, JK Helene-Curtis among a fast-growing list of over 350 brands.

Bizom also gives customers access to cutting edge technology roadmap with innovations like its patent-pending advanced image recognition algorithm 35Hawk for measuring brand visibility, and tools such as sales gamification to improve sales teams’ motivation and collaboration.
 Recent press releases
Bizom Launches Five Products to Empower Brands with Direct Access to Retailers

Bizom’s newly launched Retailer App-based ‘Perfect Store’ is a game-changer for consumer brands in India. It converts push-based distribution to pull-based through its unique Suggested Orders and Image Recognition features. These features leverage AI/ML capabilities to em... (more)
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