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Press background on Tzar Aerospace Research Labs
Company profile
Tzar Aerospace is an Aerospace Technology Startup in India, was formed in late 2016. The research theme of our startup is to design and develop a conceptual unmanned Hypersonic Research Aircraft with new computational approaches and methods. Besides that, Tzar Aerospace will be a catalyst in the development, exploration, and commercialization of emerging aerospace markets by providing innovative, entrepreneurial aerospace solutions to commercial, civil, and military customers. The technical competencies of Tzar Aerospace include product/system development, aerospace system design, rapid prototyping and business analysis. The scientific approach of the organization is Systems of System based learning (SSBL) coupled with spatial reasoning.
 Recent press releases
Tzar Aerospace, an India-based Aerospace and Defence Startup, Raises USD 15B

Brain child of Mr. Priyam Mohanty, Tzar Aerospace Research Labs is a registered Startup company known for its modern and innovative Aerospace solutions to its commercial as well as civil customers. The primary business theme of Tzar Aerospace is to design and develop a conceptual unmanned ... (more)
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