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Press background on Tora Cabs Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. (TTSPL)
Company profile
The company was conceived in 2017 and launched in June 2019 with a best in class IT infrastructure and a unique business model. Tora is a joint venture with a Korean partner headquartered in New Delhi, India. Tora is a technology company and the core purpose of our business model is to develop a platform that is fair and transparent for both riders and drivers.

Tora believes that change is inevitable, but it’s not always easy. As a new platform for ride-hailing we hope to be the change-maker who will stride new and steady steps to bring this innovation to the larger audience. Primary among these challenges is the elusive balance between rider satisfaction and driver happiness and Tora is all set to address this.

Tora believes in bringing technology closer to people and for their larger benefit. TORA cabs come with a promise of “No commission” for drivers and “No Surge” for Customers. TORA cabs, a joint venture with a Korean strategic partner has been started to bring about sustainability and convenience in public transport.
 Recent press releases
Surge-free Tora Cabs Took on the Streets of Hyderabad with a Record 11,000 Plus Drivers

Passengers excited about the “Zero Surge” Cab hailing app
Tora Cabs comes with an integrated safety feature integrated with the Hyderabad Police Hawkeye
Tora to bring about change in public transport with its unique model of ‘No surge’ &... (more)
Over 7500 Cab Drivers in Hyderabad Partner with Tora Cabs in 30 Days

Tora Cabs Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. (TTSPL) has seen a surge in drivers joining them with over 7500 already on-board, since it announced its plans to foray into the market on June 27, 2019 with its "Zero Commission” “Zero Surge” Cab hailing app.
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