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Yes!poho is the 1st TechnoExperience social platform company providing an on-demand guest-centric, affordable luxury products that guarantees memorable experiences to our Guests. Yes!poho was started to create a truly personalized experience by connecting “You” our Guests directly with Designers and artisans in a single social platform.
 Recent press releases
Yes!poho Felicitates Women Weavers

On Occasion of Navratri, Yes!poho has felicitated Nine (9) women weavers and artisans – representing Nava Durgas, for their contribution not only to the Handloom industry, but to the society as a whole. These artisans bring life and character to each and every saree that eve... (more)
Yes!poho Opens Stores in Southern India

Yes!poho Launches an “Offline Business Initiative” service to partner with local stores to increase its offline presence and to showcase it’s weavers products. As a first step in this initiative, Yes!poho partnered with a Hotel Owner in Tirupati; One Boutiqu... (more)
Yes!poho Launches a New Program Called “Yes!poho Affiliate”

Yes!poho Launches a new program called “Yes!poho Affiliate – Earn while you Sleep”, the first of its kind in India. This onlne program assists affiliates to earn additional income in their spare time.
Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder Y... (more)
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