Social media has proved itself to be one of the most convenient and effective methods for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to reach out to their customers. There is an inherent difference between traditional methods and using social media platform. Let’s look at some of the common mistakes that businesses and entrepreneurs make on social media.

Focusing On Multiple Messages

Attention on social media platforms is fleeting, it is essential to post one key message, product or service at a time.

No Defined Plan

Successful social media campaigns require more than just running an advertisement, you need to sharpen your message, build genuine sales funnels and have a rigorous follow up mechanism for the campaigns to be successful.

Platform Confusion

It is better to be great at one platform instead of beingaverage on all social media platforms. Identify the key platform – focus on getting it to work for you and then move to another platform.

Non-engagement With Customers

Social media is an opportunity to make a connection with your customers. It’s not about posting and expecting sales – it’s about creating the connection and engaging with your audience.Be attentive and engage.