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Great Learning Launches New Programs in DevOps and Full Stack Development

Full Stack Developers and DevOps Engineers amongst the top emerging jobs in India


May 13, 2019 12:16 PM  
Frankfinn Launched a New TVC - Magical Cap, Featuring Alia Bhatt

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, the World's No. 1 Air Hostess Training Institute has launched a new advertisement featuring the famous Bollywoo...

May 07, 2019 17:09 PM  
Maven Workforce Launches Vasitum - Your AI Powered Recruitment Partner

Maven Workforce, a decade old recruitment firm, has launched an AI powered recruitment platform, Vasitum. The heart of Vasit...

May 06, 2019 16:51 PM  
Divyang Students from Pallavanjali Enjoy an Outing at FSTC

In a once in a lifetime experience for a group of Divyang Children, FSTC (Flight Simulation Technique Centre) hosted a group of young students from Pallavanjali ...

Apr 26, 2019 15:44 PM  
International Offers at Management Schools, a New High

With the evolving international business landscape, business schools and management education has been under immense pressure to bring in changes to their curriculum and pedagogy to equip their student...

Apr 23, 2019 12:10 PM  
Manipal ProLearn Partners with HackerU to Launch Cybersecurity Programme

Manipal ProLearn, a leading professional learning platform and a division of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), signed a Memorandum...

Apr 11, 2019 18:32 PM  
Ansal University Chisels India’s Built Environment

Sushant Schools of Art and Architecture, with its rich legacy of 30 years, is partnering with the School of Planning and Development and School of Design, to stir up conversations...

Apr 09, 2019 13:40 PM  
Golden Jubilee Indian Valuers Congress to be Held at Delhi this Year

The IOV Registered Valuers Foundation (RVF) is all set to organize the 50th Indian Valuers Congress on October 12 and 13, 2019 in Delhi. An annual event inaugurated an...

Apr 08, 2019 13:39 PM  
Coaching the Coaches; Dr. Amit Nagpal Conducts Another Session to Empower Coaches

Coaching Concept is fast catching on in India and thanks to MNCs executive coaching has already become popular in the corporate world. Personal Branding and Inspirational storytelling ...

Apr 04, 2019 13:31 PM  
AIF and NCPEDP Organized Round Table Discussion on “Future Focused Skill Development for People with Disability”

Over 50 representatives from the corporate sector and skill development agencies participated in a round-table discussion organized by the American India Foundation (AIF) and N...

Apr 01, 2019 15:42 PM  
Funding Success: ParkingRhino’s 5X Growth
May 10, 2019 18:39 ET
Add Style to Your Home with REHAU RAUKANTEX
May 06, 2019 12:46 ET
Rank Me Online is Transforming Businesses t
May 14, 2019 11:22 ET
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