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Converse with People in your Workspace with Safety

Jul 15, 2021 14:44 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Approachability and a certain sense of ‘human connect’ in work spaces, whether among the employees or when facing the customer has always been essential. While the importance of this element may never cease to exist, what has become even more crucial in the current situation, is the safety and hygiene of our employees and customers.

Hafele Retro fit


In the past year we have all made alterations to our way of operating and even made attempts to thrive. At Häfele, while we have quickly adapted to the changing times, we have also remained hopeful that one day, soon, the eventuality of this pandemic will recede and we will once again be able to get back to the pre-COVID way of life. Having said that, we also believe that the lessons we have learnt about health, safety and hygiene are here to stay. Our attention while introducing hardware in the recent times has therefore been focused on long term sustainability along with immediate utility.

To this effect, Häfele introduces its Retrofit glass partition solution which as the name suggests are glass partition clamps that can be installed on existing desks and tables without the need of making any unsightly permanent alterations like drilling out holes or grooves. It can be clamped and fixed onto tabletops made of any material like wood, marble, quartz stones and even glass with a thickness of up to 45 mm. The transparency of the glass partition provides an adequate means to maintain connect within teams or with customers and at the same time restricts direct contact ensuring preventive safety. Whenever not required these clamps can be removed just as easily as they were mounted without them affecting the aesthetics of the original desk/table.

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Hafele Retro fit
Hafele Retro fit
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