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Government Health Insurance Scheme Provides Medical Insurance Solution Implemented by Madras Security Printers

Oct 11, 2018   17:02 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) run by the Government of Tamil Nadu is one of the most successfully implemented state wide health cover schemes till date in India. The Scheme ensures quality health care to the eligible persons through 700+ empaneled Government and private hospitals across the state and to reduce the financial hardship to the enrolled families and move towards universal health coverage by effectively running the health card system.



Importance of Good Health in Health Insurance


The CMCHIS project was implemented by Madras Security Printers Pvt. Ltd., and is successfully running in all 32 districts across Tamil Nadu. Under the scheme approximately 15 million families benefited in Tamil Nadu in the form of free medical and surgical treatments in government and private hospitals. The scheme provides coverage for meeting expenses relating to hospitalization of people in the state for illnesses covered under the scheme. 


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Madras Security Printers implemented the solution by enrolling eligible citizens, established Data Centers, issuing Smart cards, providing Required software Applications and Authentication platforms. The enrollment consisted of capturing demographic and Biometric data of the millions of beneficiaries. IT infrastructure was setup and 700+ hospitals were networked. Smart cards were issued to all the families as per the eligibility norms. 


The CMCHIS scheme has won “The Best Use of Technology in Health Insurance award at e-INDIA Health Summit. Madras security Printers received the “Certificate of Recognition” at International Conference on Health Insurance for the successful implementation of this project.


Madras Security Printers Pvt. Ltd. (MSP) is a 42-year-old company, specializing in System Integration and solutions for e-governance projects, Smart card and QR code-based solutions, Identity management, Biometric solutions, Data center O&M & IT solutions.


The organization has a successful track record of implementing several e-governance projects in states namely Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, UP, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan and in several countries across the globe including Kenya, Nepal and more.


Importance of Good Health in Health Insurance
Importance of Good Health in Health Insurance
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