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OrganiKrishi Marks Partnership with Asia Art Festival; We are Going Organic says Director - Ishaan Bhalla

Sep 11, 2020 16:23 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The collaboration of Asia Art Festival (AAF) with OrganiKrishi is another step towards the promotion of art in this pandemic.


Left to Right: Ishaan Bhalla, Rajat Saini, Madhu Sharma Dixit and Mritunjaya Dixit


Since the announcement of the highly anticipated Digital Art Festival, AAF is delighted to welcome OrganiKrishi to its board of partners. OrganiKrishi is a domestic brand that deals in limited naturally-grown products. It is an endeavour carried successfully by a team of young entrepreneurs, namely, Madhu Sharma Dixit, Mritunjaya Dixit and Rajat Saini. Their passion to promote sustainable farming practices and revive the ecosystem makes it a promising venture. As they mark the special occasion of their 3-year-anniversary in the month of September 2020, they have extended their undivided support to AAF, in order to pursue the common cause of promoting the Indian art and culture. In line with the vision of an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat', their products are grown locally by their farming community. Putting greater emphasis on providing livelihood and sustainability to farmers and their families, they look beyond the mere materialistic benefits of a business.


To pursue our vision we travelled across India, search for like-minded people, using natural practices and working with right intention to serve the society. During last 3 years we created a powerful Catalogue of 9 products, with high nutritional values. These are seasonal products grown locally by us and our farmers. Our catalogue consists of naturally grown products of high nutrition value,” said Co-founder, Madhu Sharma Dixit.


Director Asia Art Festival, Ishaan Bhalla says, "We are happy to have OrganiKrishi on board with us. The brand is committed to promote the idea behind Make in India.” He believes that this partnership not only marks the organic nature of AAF, but also aims to encourage the innovative spirit of the young entrepreneurs of the nation to focus towards emerging opportunities and challenges in the Indian economy.


The Digital Art Festival, which is a confluence of myriad creative sectors such as art, craft, theater, dance and music. It will comprise of art & craft online viewing room, folk & classical cultural programme, art talks and master-class. With a vision to explore the endless possibilities of the creative mind, it hopes to inspire the young minds to create marvels of art and engage themselves in creative pursuits in the realm of art.

Left to Right: Ishaan Bhalla, Rajat Saini, Madhu Sharma Dixit and Mritunjaya Dixit
Left to Right: Ishaan Bhalla, Rajat Saini, Madhu Sharma Dixit and Mritunjaya Dixit
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