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As a one of a kind new media platform, ArtIllume conducts these seminars across India as part of their work as incubators, educators and keepers of this new world of art and technology. They have been making immersive art in India and around the world for some time. Now they want to involve the new generation in this very infectious process. Why Einstein and Picasso, they say? In this world, C V Raman also meets Amrita Shergill. India is the perfect holding ground for doing away with boundaries, art for science’s sake and tech in the service of art.
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ArtIllume Makes its Presence Felt at the Dell Designathon Event

The third edition of the Dell Designathon with the theme ‘Smarter by Design’ was conducted last month. Dell Designathon is a one-of-a-kind design challenge intended to bring creativity and technology together to inspire the designs of future.
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