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Press background on JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU)
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Established in 2011, JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) is located in the historic city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Supported by the 125 years old legacy of contributions to nation building by the JK Group, at JKLU we are passionate about building the country's most innovative higher education institution.
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JK Lakshmipat University Collaborates with University of Birmingham

JK Lakshmipat University, a national multidisciplinary educational institution situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, collaborates with the University of Birmingham to offer innovative and advanced courses to its students to make them future-ready for the ever-evolving industries. With a mission to... (more)
JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, Appoints Prof (Dr) Dheeraj Sanghi as the New VC

JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a new-age University promoted by the JK Organisation with a 125 year legacy of philanthropy and nation building, has appointed Prof (Dr) Dheeraj Sanghi, reputed computer scientist and academic known for teaching and innovat... (more)
India a Hotbed for Education on Public Policy & Governance

​Professor Alasdair Roberts, Director at The School of Public Policy and Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Umass Amherst) delivered an engaging session on public policy at the JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) today. Titled “Can Government Do Anyth... (more)