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An au-courant media and entertaionment company, Studio 19 is a provider of wings to various dreams. We manage and arrange various glitzy events in tandem with the fashion and movie world for promotional and contracting purposes. Honing fresh faces for performing in theatres, on small screen, as well as, celluloid is large part of our trade. As a progressive agency, we intend to identify, nurture and polish potential talents in order to prepare them for a promising future in glamour industry. With some of the innovative concepts, storyline under our belt, Studio 19 is gradually advancing towards media and entertainment. Cinema is an inseparable part of our society and is the genesis of various trends since olden times. It depicts, exaggerates and dramatises lives and living beings. From ages, many individuals have been attracted to the opportunities that catapult them to the Big Screen
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Bollywood Mr. India 2019 Winner Avinash Prabhakaran is Showstopper for Season 4

The last 3 seasons of Bollywood Mr. & Miss. India has produced and found some remarkable and gorgeous looking individuals. The 4th season is around the corner and new struggling artists will be given an opportunity to get this direct ticket to the industry and a chance at stardom. ... (more)