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Sportz Village Schools, formerly known as EduSports, is India's No. 1 sports education organization working with over 1,200 schools across 250 locations impacting 7,00,000 children. The organization believes in making sports an integral part of the education of a child and is working towards developing a healthier and fitter generation by using a Structured Sports and Physical Education (P.E) curriculum. The curriculum has been developed based on NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education, USA) standards.
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Highly Anticipated Book "Get Kids To Play" Releases; Aims to Inspire a Cultural Shift Towards Prioritizing Play for Children Worldwide

In a world where technology often competes for children's attention, Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder, CEO & MD of Sportz Village and Vijay Krishnamurthy, a Sports Research Scholar and an Executive Coach have released their highly anticipated book titled “Get Kids To Play – An EduSp... (more)
Sportz Village Schools' 11th Annual Health Survey Highlights the Impact that School Shutdowns have had on Children's Health

The previous year has been extremely challenging with the shutdown imposed by the pandemic. While this has affected society, it has been especially disruptive for children. More than 320 million children in India were affected by school closures. While the immediate and obvious conclusion would be ... (more)
Sports is Education: Sportz Village Co-founder Saumil Majmudar

The concept of education has evolved over a period, globally. Parents, school authorities as well as Govt. institutions in India are focused towards creating an ecosystem to ensure holistic development of kids. And playing sports ensures just that. The advantages of integrating sports in the school... (more)
Online Physical Education Programs During 'New Normal' is Important

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a 180-degree change in the life of all individuals-adults and children alike. To contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, most governments around the world have announced the temporary closure of schools. According to UNESCO, close to 300 million lea... (more)
Sportz Village Underlines the Importance of Physical Activity During these Trying Times

With no end in sight to the school shutdowns, it is even more necessary than before to focus on the overall well-being and health of children. The children are under increasing pressure to outperform their peer’s due to shrinking opportunities and rising competition. The pandemic has worsened... (more)