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Nanosafe Solutions is a start-up striving to deliver value-added nanotechnology based products for improving quality of human life. Founded in 2019, by Dr. Anasuya Roy and Prof. Mangala Joshi of IIT Delhi, Nanosafe has successfully engineered “Aqcure” brand within 3 months of its incorporation. The current focus is to develop Aqcure homeware range of shaker and fridge bottles and lunchboxes.
 Recent press releases
Nanosafe all Set to Launch Copper-based Technology that Kills Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

With the COVID-19 pandemic still largely looming, and a whooping 11,000 new cases reported daily in India, the demand for microbe killing objects and materials are surging. A Delhi based technology start-up called Nanosafe Solutions has come up with a copper-based technology which... (more)
IIT Delhi's Startup Nanosafe Launches India's First Zero Alcohol Sanitizer

With the COVID-19 crisis still looming, and the nation gradually shifting back to normal; there is a dire need for innovative solutions - now more than ever. An IIT Delhi startup named “Nanosafe Solutions” which launched the revolutionary self-sanitizing 50 wash reusable N9... (more)