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The noise from an active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can lead to an increase in health issues. These health problems may not seem active but they impact the productivity of an employee in different ways, like work slowdown due to depression, prolonged exposure resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lack of innovative idea and creative thinking. While locating noisy equipment near employees is avoidable, cost or space constraints prohibit sparing of everyone from the effect. In situations like these, keeping unwanted sound to a minimum can not only improve working environment, but also help in good safety and better productivity.
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The Crucial Role of Network Integration in Large Enterprises according to Netrack

We are living in an era where technology and innovation forms the key part of our existence. Here, the IT business landscape is evolving rapidly with large enterprises relying more and more upon robust network integration solutions. The objective of such agile solutions is to streamline operations ... (more)
Upon Successful Completion of the Advanced Course and Passing an Assessment, Participants Received Certificates from Netrack

Netrack, a leader in data center solutions, believes in spreading knowledge and the magic of innovation. Hence, it has been a proud moment to announce the conduct of its pioneering certification course in Mumbai, aimed at addressing the growing demand for comprehensive training in modular data cent... (more)
Achieving Efficient and Sustainable Data Infrastructure: Standardization and Localization in Hyperscale Data Center Design by Netrack

During the time when digital interactions are escalating, cybersecurity and data protection are becoming important day by day, Netrack takes a leap forward in achieving efficient and sustainable data infrastructure with a focus on standardization and localization in hyperscale data center design. T... (more)
Redefining Efficiency: How Netrack Blanking Panels Maximize Energy Savings in Data Centers

The growing importance of data centers and the critical role they play in organizations have started to define the requirement of data center solutions across industries. As a part of data center solutions, the focus is on implementing energy-efficient cooling systems for the mission-critical equip... (more)
Netrack Achieves CE Certification for Racks, Upgrading the Product Quality and Safety Standards

Innovation knows no boundary, especially with Netrack. This time, it is not just another innovative rack solution but a moment of pride where Netrack racks attain CE certification. This is a significant milestone in Netrack's journey as a committed racks and related accessories manufacturer. Ne... (more)
Netrack Explains How Data Centers Can Drive a Sustainable Future

As digital transformation accelerated, the focus on sustainability has become the new norm. Netrack, the leading innovator in the field of data center solutions, especially server racks, brought in an insightful approach to driving a more sustainable future through its cutting-edge data center tech... (more)
The Future of Data Centers: Embracing Innovation for Sustainable Industry Growth

Many organizations are setting goals to achieve carbon neutrality, and data centers can contribute to these goals by reducing emissions and offsetting their carbon footprint. Innovation and sustainability will have to play a significant role in making this possible.
The Futur... (more)
Netrack Glows Again in the Spotlight in BICSI India and CIO Klub's CIO Conclave

BICSI India, a leading organization that promotes excellence in the ICT industry, has marked a significant milestone as it celebrates its 20th successful year in 2023. To commemorate this achievement, BICSI India hosted its Annual Conference and Satellite Seminars in Bengaluru on September 22nd, 20... (more)
Netrack's Perspective on the Impact of Data Protection Bill on the Data Center Industry

In a time when digital interactions are an integral part of our daily lives, the synergy between cybersecurity and the Data Protection Bill is paramount. It paves the way for a safer and more secure digital landscape, contributing to India's new era of data protection.
Ne... (more)
Empowering Data Center Professionals: Netrack Introduces Innovative Certification Courses

Netrack, a leading provider of data center solutions, profoundly understands the growing demand for comprehensive certification courses in Modular Data Centre Design and Technology. With the data center industry evolving rapidly, it has become imperative for professionals to stay at the forefront o... (more)