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The noise from an active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can lead to an increase in health issues. These health problems may not seem active but they impact the productivity of an employee in different ways, like work slowdown due to depression, prolonged exposure resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lack of innovative idea and creative thinking. While locating noisy equipment near employees is avoidable, cost or space constraints prohibit sparing of everyone from the effect. In situations like these, keeping unwanted sound to a minimum can not only improve working environment, but also help in good safety and better productivity.
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The Future of Data Centers: Embracing Innovation for Sustainable Industry Growth

Many organizations are setting goals to achieve carbon neutrality, and data centers can contribute to these goals by reducing emissions and offsetting their carbon footprint. Innovation and sustainability will have to play a significant role in making this possible.
T... (more)
Netrack Glows Again in the Spotlight in BICSI India and CIO Klub's CIO Conclave

BICSI India, a leading organization that promotes excellence in the ICT industry, has marked a significant milestone as it celebrates its 20th successful year in 2023. To commemorate this achievement, BICSI India hosted its Annual Conference and Satellite Seminars in Bengaluru on September ... (more)
Netrack's Perspective on the Impact of Data Protection Bill on the Data Center Industry

In a time when digital interactions are an integral part of our daily lives, the synergy between cybersecurity and the Data Protection Bill is paramount. It paves the way for a safer and more secure digital landscape, contributing to India's new era of data protection.
Empowering Data Center Professionals: Netrack Introduces Innovative Certification Courses

Netrack, a leading provider of data center solutions, profoundly understands the growing demand for comprehensive certification courses in Modular Data Centre Design and Technology. With the data center industry evolving rapidly, it has become imperative for professionals to stay at the for... (more)
The Power of Silence: Discovering the Magic of Soundproofing by Netrack

With the exponential growth of data centers and the increasing demand for efficient server operations, managing noise levels has become a crucial concern for businesses worldwide. Excessive noise impacts the comfort of employees working in server racks and can affect productivity and focus.... (more)
Netrack Secures the Data Center with Intelligent Monitoring

Advanced technologies enhanced the scope of intelligent monitoring in data centers. It can provide real-time insights into critical systems and infrastructure, proactively identify potential issues, and help prevent downtime and data loss.
Netrack - Creating a Secured... (more)
Ravi Raj Awarded the Marketing Meister by the Herald Global Magazine in Dubai

This year's beginning witnessed Mr. Ravi Raj's recognition with the Marketing Meister Award by the Herald Global magazine in Dubai for his years of hard work and dedication to ensure Netrack's continued growth and success. The recognition and appreciation he received at the Glob... (more)
Netrack Get Recognised on the World Stage as the Most Promising and Innovative Brands Across Asia

Netrack, a leading manufacturer of network racks, server racks, and data center rack enclosures, was recently awarded by the Herald Global magazine in Dubai. The Global Business Symposium 2023 was held at The Sheraton, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi. Several top-notch dignitaries from various fie... (more)
Netrack Reaching New Levels of Visibility with Partnerships and Events

Events, alliances, and partnerships enhance the visibility of an organization. Netrack participates in the events to discuss the challenges companies face in managing their data center and educate the participants about the utility of the Netrack racks, which are manufactured to solve probl... (more)
Netrack's Journey of Knowledge and Growth with Eventful Year of Participation in Multiple Events

Last year end was genuinely eventful for Netrack. The participation in BICSI Mumbai, a partner meet in Bhubaneshwar, and being a part of multiple events for showcasing products and educating customers was much appreciated. The events Netrack participated in last year were grand in many ways... (more)
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