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The noise from an active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can lead to an increase in health issues. These health problems may not seem active but they impact the productivity of an employee in different ways, like work slowdown due to depression, prolonged exposure resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lack of innovative idea and creative thinking. While locating noisy equipment near employees is avoidable, cost or space constraints prohibit sparing of everyone from the effect. In situations like these, keeping unwanted sound to a minimum can not only improve working environment, but also help in good safety and better productivity.
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Cooling for Data Center Industry - Simplified with NetRack

Data centers form a critical and core part of the IT industry. Hence, its efficiency with an assured cooling capacity is mandatory to safeguard the business-critical equipment. In an IT data center setup, servers and the hosted equipment generate immense heat which can cause equipment downt... (more)
NSTR Series Racks from NetRack Strengthens 5G Telecom Infrastructure

The concept of 5G - a change in the wireless network, revolutionized the communication networks and brought real-time speed and reliability to its users. This is a massive and critical step of telecommunication companies towards digital transformation.
NetRack NS... (more)
NetRack Deploying High-density Rack Power to Support Healthcare - iPDU

The healthcare segment in the last few decades has seen myriad challenges. The aging population, fund scarcity, limited resources, and unreasonable pressure on the healthcare workers are some of them that have contributed to adding a digital equation to the healthcare sector.
 ... (more)
Embrace IRack and IRack Block Designed by NetRack to Achieve Cooling Efficiency for Single or Smaller Deployments

Data is considered a critical asset and intellectual property of any organization. Hence, the data center forms the core part of any company dealing with that data. This makes the functionality and efficiency of the data center essential along with an ensured cooling capacity.
 ... (more)
Netrack Prioritizing Business Resilience in 2022

Mr. U.N Krishnaraj, National Manager, Sales and Support at NetRack Enclosures has been a part of an insightful event focusing on - Resilient ICT for a Phygital World. It is a virtual conference available on-demand now, elaborating on the blend of the digital and physical world com... (more)
5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency from your Data Center - NetRack

Data centers play a significant part in IT Industry, and they are getting complex by the day and hence difficult to manage. However, keeping it highly efficient is a necessity as it can help save a lot of related resources.
5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency fro... (more)
Achieve More Efficiency from Your Data Center with Air Flow Management - NetRack

Data centers are at the heart of today’s IT solutions and need to be working at optimum efficiency at all times. Hence, the gamut of IT infrastructure thrusts its functioning on strategic airflow management to increase the efficiency of the data center itself.
N... (more)
Netrack Initiates Vaccination Drive; The First Step towards Ensuring Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic struck us all with a deadly blow stagnating work and life in general around us. However, whatsoever challenging the situation might be, it is a belief that life will find its way. Hence, from an absolute haplessness, we all have come to terms with embracing innovation ... (more)
NetRack Introduces "AC Rack" Right Cabinet to Manage your Low-Density Cooling Requirement

The IT industry across the globe has embraced digitalization with rapid speed. Such a transformation has been triggered due to the growing data volumes. Since the IT industry is revolving around data, it has become essential to migrate data in IT infrastructure to both Cloud and on-premise ... (more)
Digital Transformation to Accelerate Adoption of Colocation Industry in India

The Coronavirus pandemic shifted the attention from offline to the digital needs of many businesses. These shifts are likely to stay in place impacting many industries especially IT and data centre in a positive manner. In 2020, the explosive growth of data was felt like never before. As mo... (more)