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The noise from an active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can lead to an increase in health issues. These health problems may not seem active but they impact the productivity of an employee in different ways, like work slowdown due to depression, prolonged exposure resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lack of innovative idea and creative thinking. While locating noisy equipment near employees is avoidable, cost or space constraints prohibit sparing of everyone from the effect. In situations like these, keeping unwanted sound to a minimum can not only improve working environment, but also help in good safety and better productivity.
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Netrack Get Recognised on the World Stage as the Most Promising and Innovative Brands Across Asia

Netrack, a leading manufacturer of network racks, server racks, and data center rack enclosures, was recently awarded by the Herald Global magazine in Dubai. The Global Business Symposium 2023 was held at The Sheraton, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi. Several top-notch dignitaries from various fields and ... (more)
Netrack Reaching New Levels of Visibility with Partnerships and Events

Events, alliances, and partnerships enhance the visibility of an organization. Netrack participates in the events to discuss the challenges companies face in managing their data center and educate the participants about the utility of the Netrack racks, which are manufactured to solve problems.(more)
Netrack's Journey of Knowledge and Growth with Eventful Year of Participation in Multiple Events

Last year end was genuinely eventful for Netrack. The participation in BICSI Mumbai, a partner meet in Bhubaneshwar, and being a part of multiple events for showcasing products and educating customers was much appreciated. The events Netrack participated in last year were grand in many ways and mar... (more)
A Week with PES College: An Initiative by Netrack to Spread Awareness among the Upcoming Talents

Innovation and knowledge play a critical role for organizations to utilize technology initiatives and change in general to their advantage. Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that believes in innovation and creativity to build cost-efficient and reliable data center solutions and rack ... (more)
Netrack's Show and Tell of Next-generation Colocation Rack in the BICSI Event

Netrack’s participation in the BICSI event marks the beginning of a new journey of knowledge and growth. The event offered over 25,000 skilled professionals a common platform to discuss and collaborate on the latest technologies and expertise.
Netrack's Show and Tel... (more)
Netrack's Contribution to the BICSI Event to Offer a Future of Innovation and Possibility

BICSI is one of India's most crucial Information and communication technology (ICT) industry annual events. The event was started with the objective of creating a common platform for over 25,000 skilled professionals to share knowledge and grow together.
Netrack's Con... (more)
Netrack Participates in the CIO Event Organized by Kerala Klub

The CIO Klub Kerala was founded in 2008 by CIOs of Indian enterprises with the vision to interact, share, and enhance the understanding of technology and explore opportunities. It is one of the largest registered non-profit associations of CIOs across India. The CIO Klub is a national entity with t... (more)
Netrack Aces at Events as a Data Center Solutions Expert

Netrack has won its place as one of the most prominent companies offering robust data center solutions. It has been a busy week for Netrack with back-to-back events organized by the IT industry, the Data Center Summit and BICSI Delhi event are the top highlights this month. The objective of the eve... (more)
NetRack Launches iRack/iRack Block for Modular Data Centers

Organizations' growing dependency on data centers led to certain modifications and implementation of features and facilities to enhance the efficiency of the data center and make it more sustainable for a future of possibilities. The new data centers are functionally efficient with adequate coo... (more)
NetRack Braces IoT Security Compliance at the Rack Level

Apart from ensuring data security, it is also essential that the data centers focus on the physical security of the servers, mission-critical equipment, and, most importantly, rack enclosures hosting the wires and machines. It is challenging to maintain security when there is a continuous requireme... (more)
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