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Press background on Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd.
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Peps is India's largest Inner Spring Mattress company with a product line up that rivals the best in the world. With a vision to transform Peps into India’s leading sleep solutions company, the company in association with the world’s 4th largest Inner Spring Mattress company, Restonic Corporation, USA; offers a comprehensive range of quality mattresses, pillows, comforters, protectors and other accessories enabling quality sleep. A state-of-the-art Inner Spring manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu with two ancillary facilities in North, Western India is the epicentre of Peps’ mission to transform the way the country sleeps. India's top-selling spring mattress brand with a CAGR growth rate of around 33%. At the close of 2018-19, Peps had a turnover of Rs. 400 plus Crores in a 600 Crore industry.
 Recent press releases
Peps Industries Launches India's First Jersey Mattress - Peps Cameo

Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd., makers of India’s top selling spring mattress, has added a unique new mattress to their line of carefully crafted sleep solutions under the name Peps Cameo. The new release is India’s first-ever soft top mattress made of jersey fabric. The pr... (more)
Peps Industries Unveils New Campaign Highlighting the Significance of Indian Weddings

Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of its latest digital campaign, The Grand Indian Wedding. Indian Weddings, with diversity in their customs and rituals, reflect the heterogeneity of Indian culture. Through this campaign, Peps Industries, in association with influencers, celebr... (more)