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Fintso is a full-stack wealthtech platform focused on giving access to retail investors, especially the NeXT Billion, by enabling Independent Financial Product Providers (IFPPs) with access to financial products, digital execution, and robo-advisory support. Fintso helps enhance their practice by providing multi-product access, digitising execution, automating operations, and increasing client engagement through app and reporting. Fintso’s communication is white-labelled, allowing the IFPP to continue in his role as the bridge-of-trust. Extensive automation and use of AI and Machine Learning by Fintso assist the IFPPs with insights, research, recommendations, and model portfolios.
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Fintso Report "The Next Billion – Inclusion Through Digitization" Unveils Major Financial Insights

India has over 275mn households, with an estimated 90% living in Tier 1 and beyond. The vast majority, comprising the estimated 100mn households, are estimated to become savers for the first time - looking beyond bank FDs. This segment is largely under-served and are increasingly wary of un... (more)