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Korikart is a one-stop online store that provides multiple Korean products in India. It's a multi-brand store that has been designed to meet the growing needs of the customers in India who are looking forward to acquiring Korean quality products. It is also the first e-commerce platform to introduce video e-commerce. The brand's USP includes catering to its patrons with K-Beauty products along with providing them a visual demonstration of the products through various videos. Korikart’s dynamic team regularly uploads videos providing complete guidance of the usage of the products they sell.
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Korikart, A Gateway for Korean Products in India

Korikart, India’s leading one-stop-shop that offers a wide range of Korean products under one name, was launched in December 2018. The brand entered the Indian market to meet the ever-increasing demand for Korean products amongst consumers.
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Korikart Collaborates with Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO)

With the rising popularity of K-Wave (including K-Food, K-Drama, K-pop, K-Beauty) in India, KTO and have collaborated to provide a special discount for the Korea lovers. India's leading one-stop online store for Korean products, Korikart has associated with K... (more)