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Niraj Swami, An avid technologist and Innovator having deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive technologies and behavioural economics founded Green Sheen Environment Foundation to create a Network Of Scalable Impact. Niraj is keen to bridge the gap between impact & execution in the areas of sustainability, climate & healthcare by leaning on strategic technology, lean innovation principles & applied economics. Currently serving as a senior director for one of the world’s largest conservation non-profit, co-leading the Sustainability Accelerator with Techstars & TNC, and acting as founding CEO of impact ventures like Adaptrack &
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Green Sheen Environment Foundation Offers AI-based Solutions to Challenges in Water Sector

Green Sheen Environment Foundation (GSEF), a non-profit organization that focuses on promising technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors for sustainable impact on the earth's natural wealth and resources, has proposed to the Government an ambitious Rainwater Harvesting ... (more)