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Librari is a seamless self-development educational platform. When most of the existing social educational profiles are either too complex to be used on the go or too social and distract the users from the learning process, Librari aims to bring a change in how learning takes place by creating social learning environment without the cringe-worthy content. It encourages users, experts, influencers, and brands to create and upload content into bite-sized video insights. Every short insight contains a pop quiz that aims to test users’ knowledge and understanding from the video they watched. Completion of every insight enables users to earn rewards and redeem in Bazaar.
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Librari Launches Mobile App to Elevate Learning Experience

Librari, the mobile learning platform with short user-generated content, announces the release of its mobile application. With this, Librari forges ahead in offering users the opportunity to enhance knowledge in an easy, engaging, and incentivised way.
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