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OneRare features a unique Foodverse, divided over four areas. Players can explore the metaverse and discover ways to play, earn, collect and battle
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World Food Day in the Foodverse

OneRare has launched the first-ever global multiplayer NFT game for Foodies worldwide. This one-of-a-kind experiment will take you on an exciting journey across global cuisines and fill your heart with joy!
Chefs in Foodverse
OneRare is on a mission to mint NF... (more)
Gastronaut Vicky Ratnani Set to Launch his Open Kitchen in OneRare's Foodverse

OneRare is excited to announce its partnership with food connoisseur & Chef - Vicky Ratnani or better known as Vicky the Chef. OneRare is excited to break the news of Chef Vicky onboarding the Foodverse and to be chosen as the platform to turn his vision into virtual reality.
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Chef and Influencer Nehal Karkera Set to Enter OneRare, the World's First Foodverse

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with renowned Chef and Food Blogger, Nehal Karkera, as he sets foot in OneRare’s Foodverse.
Nehal, a professional chef from Mumbai, India, loves sharing his simple but beloved dishes in crisp formats that spread li... (more)
From MasterChef to Metaverse, Chef Depinder Chhibber Brings her Fusion Recipes to OneRare's Foodverse

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with renowned Chef and Masterchef sensation, Depinder Chhibber, as she becomes the first Female Chef to enter to the Foodverse.
Chef Depinder Chhibber
Chef Depinder will be working with OneRare to ... (more)
OneRare Joins Forces with Massive Restaurants to Redefine the Landscape of Blockchain Industry in India

OneRare, a leading name revolutionising the trading and blockchain sector by creating a foodverse with a game-inspired layout, recently collaborated with Massive Restaurants, founded by 'The Prince of Indian cuisine’ - Mr. Zorawar Kalra. Offering world’s first tokenisation l... (more)
OneRare to Introduce Urban Platter as the First Brand of Ingredients in its Foodverse

OneRare, a Foodverse offering world’s first tokenisation layer for food in Web3 and creating an immersive and gamified experience, has recently joined hands with Urban Platter, a leading name becoming the go-to ingredients provider across the country. OneRare is a first-of-its-kind NF... (more)
Top Celebrity Chefs Joins OneRare, the World's First Food Metaverse

OneRare, the first-ever project to build a metaverse for food, gaming, and NFTs on the blockchain ecosystem have announced their collaboration with top celebrity Chefs Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila & Jaimie Van Heije.
Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila and Jaimie Van... (more)