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Indian Affairs ( is a the division of Network 7 Media Group, an independent media house that connects its relationship to its audience & our message is strong & clear. If we want to ensure a viable, beautiful future for our children, and their children, on a safe and stable planet, we need to act now. And we need to act, first and foremost, within the realm of information: because right now, it is the absolute dysfunction of the global information architecture — represented in the intersection of mainstream media outlets, social technology platforms and giant digital aggregators — that is sowing confusion, and paralyzing us from taking the action required to take on global and local challenges. Network 7 Media Group ( chase and break the stories that no one wants to cover, and shine a light on the cracks between the headlines. And yes, we do not blindly follow the treadmill of the news cycle: we are transforming the news cycle. We understand that we are dealing with complex issues but not shying away from pointing fingers at those in power remain disconnected with reality & truth. We aim to put people at the heart of our operations through our fearless & unbiased reporting. Our journalism is holistic in its scope, fearless in its integrity, rigorous in its research, and driven by the values of compassion, truth, and justice.
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Academic Research Scholar Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth was Conferred Honorary Professorship at University of California, Berkeley

(Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth, noted academic researcher & Founder & Managing Director of Hong Kong based Rupus Global Limited, a globally acclaimed research-focused vertically integrated pharmaceutical Company, which contract manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), f... (more)