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Mylo: Pregnancy & Baby Companion is the best Indian pregnancy and parenting app trusted by 10+ lakh moms. It is the #1 trusted guide & tracker for women who are expecting, trying to conceive or have a baby. Looking for the ideal Indian Pregnancy or parenting app? Let Mylo be your solution for when you’re trying to concieve, become pregnant & even after delivery for your baby’s care.
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More than 90 percent of Nursing Mothers Do Not Consult Lactation Experts or Use Milk Banks Despite Facing Challenges in Breastfeeding

Almost 50% of mothers cite low milk supply poses breastfeeding difficulties
Only 7% consult a lactation consultant
55% of mothers mentioned their baby’s hunger is not satisfied exclusively with breastmilk
One-fourth of mothers report not having access t... (more)
Colic Emerges as One of the Leading Causes of Infant Distress, Reveals Mylo's Survey

Key findings:
Colic affects 46% babies, making it the second most common cause of infant distress after hunger
90% of the time it’s the mothers who stay up late at night calming the babies, leaving them fatigued
43% mothers prefer to switch between bottle... (more)