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World’s first environment-based conference was organized by the United Nations on ‘The Human Environment’ in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. This conference gained attention for the environment from around the world. During this time, Dr. Mohan Dharia was studying about the various issues and probable solutions for them as a Central Planning Minister. Due to unlimited deforestation, increasing population and pollution, India was facing hardships. Maharashtra was fighting droughts. Bearing this in mind, Dr. Mohan Dharia sowed the seed of creating a people’s movement for green India. This seed was germinated as ‘VANARAI’. Our work started in 1982. Dr. Mohan Dharia discussed with numerous agricultural experts during his visits to Agriculture Universities in Maharashtra. To closely understand the issues and problems faced by the rural citizens, he visited many villages in different districts of Maharashtra. Understanding the vast scope of work and the need of the future, VANARAI was registered as Trust on 10th July 1986 under Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950
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Vanarai NGO's Dual Approach for Sustainable Development with Nature on our Side

Migration from rural to urban has been a rampant phenomenon for the last 3 to 5 decades; lack of basic facilities, limited livelihood opportunities, the problem of water scarcity, reduced agricultural productivity, improper education facilities, and weak healthcare systems are a few of the ... (more)