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Welcome to The Lip Balm Company™, where our focus is on how a healthy habit can put a huge smile on your face, literally! With over 100 lip balms lined up and waiting to be dropped weekly, The Lip Balm Company™ is all about opening the door to lip heaven. The Lip Balm Company™ is your guidewire to happy lips ever after. Yes, ever after. After many a tough year of tending to rough lips, renowned dermatologist Dr. Renita Rajan started a persistent and relentless endeavour to discover the Holy Grail of lip balms - a lip balm to treat sensitive lips. And after years of (re)searching, the ultimate lip balm was born, with its ability to treat and heal sensitive lips. And that was the functionality part. The fun part was that it would be found that lip balms could convey happiness as well. By infusing the lip balms with plant goodness and flavours, the lip balms would soon go from healers to enhancers, brighteners, lip lifters and mood elevators.
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The Lip Balm Company Launches Four Eco-friendly Travel Minis Lip Balms in 1g Squeeze Tubes

Chennai based The Lip Balm Company known for its unique products be it a concept, vegan, innovative packaging, and 100% plant based tints have now launched the Travel Minis from the LIPrepare collection. Available in 1g alu squeeze tubes, it lasts up to 56 uses and is ideal for those sensit... (more)
The Lip Balm Company Rolls out Halloween Theme Lip Balms

Priced at Rs. 465 comes in red-orange shades
Specially crafted Lip Balms are completely plant based
The Lip Balm Company (TLBC) rolls out a specially crafted tinted lip balm for the Halloween season under the banner of PM tints. The PM tints or the Hallow... (more)
The Lip Balm Company Launches 8 New Tinted Lip Balms

Under NIRAM range, these colored lip balms are made from plant extracts
Ideal for children, pregnant and nursing mothers
Chennai based The Lip Balm Company (TLBC), powered by brand ambassador Nayanthara, is rolling out their much-awaited range of tinted lip balms this Di... (more)
The Lip Balm Company Partners with to Sell Lip Balms

An exclusive collection of 17 lip balms now available at
Attractively priced from Rs. 385 onwards
The Lip Balm Company (TLBC) has partnered with to stock and sell The Lip Balm Company’s exclusive collection of 17 scientificall... (more)
The Lip Balm Company Launches Jasmine-based Lip Balm to Celebrate India's 75 Years of Independence

Priced from Rs. 555 onwards, it comes in an attractive vintage-looking wooden box.
Suitable for everyone from the age of ten. 
Chennai-based The Lip Balm Company has launched a lip balm which is a modern take on the traditionally alluring scent of Jas... (more)
Green Chemistry Plays a Vital Role in The Lip Balm Company's Products

Chennai-based The Lip Balm Company does not only sell Lip Balms but has embarked on a mission to make people aware of the importance of Green Chemistry in lip balms. The Lip Balm Company prides itself on their lip balms being preservative-free, free of added colours, free of artif... (more)