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At CHOSEN®, we apply the power of science to do good and look good. It takes us years of research and testing, engaging some of the best minds in the field. Only then we have a product that meets the standards that we have set for us. We know beauty at the molecular level. We are committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. We choose ingredients that have proven benefits as published in medical literature and devise unique ways of drug delivery. What really sets us apart is the knowledge gained from clinical experience that helps us deliver performing products, rather than just being another skincare retailer selling hope in a bottle! At CHOSEN®, we deliver Stuff That Works®!
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CHOSEN by Dermatology Announces Up to 30% Christmas Offers on Collagen Supplements and DIY Chemical Peels

As the festive season approaches, CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skincare brand renowned for its commitment to providing result-based skin and hair care products, is delighted to announce an exclusive Christmas Offer of up to 30% discount on their TOR&... (more)
CHOSEN by Dermatology: The Official Sunscreen Partner for Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023, Supporting Preterm Babies and Children's Education

CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skincare brand committed to safe and skin-friendly products, proudly announces its collaboration as the official sunscreen partner for two significant marathons in Chennai-Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023.
Trial Packs - an in... (more)
CHOSEN by Dermatology Launches Pinktober T-shirts in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skin-friendly skincare brand, has launched their Pinktober T-shirts in honour of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. CHOSEN Pinktober aims to celebrate the strength and resilience of breast cancer survivors while raising awareness about this cause.
CHOSEN® by Dermatology Unveils Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme: A Breakthrough in Prejuvenation Skincare

Leading skincare brand CHOSEN® by Dermatology is proud to introduce its latest innovation, Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme. This multifunctional face moisturizer is poised to revolutionize prejuvenation, offering a comprehensive solution for youthful, radiant skin.
I... (more)
CHOSEN By Dermatology Introduces Travel-Friendly Mini Packs for High-Performance Skin Care

CHOSEN By Dermatology, a renowned skincare brand in India, is proud to unveil its latest offering: high-performance skincare products now available in Travel-friendly Mini Packs designed to cater to your skin care needs while you travel on the go. Dedicated to enhancing customer loyalty, CHOSEN is ... (more)
CHOSEN by Dermatology Launches Peptide Therapy Gel For Intense Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

CHOSEN by Dermatology, a foremost skincare brand in India known for their innovative and effective products, is excited to announce the launch of their latest product: Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel. This breakthrough skincare solution is specifically formulated to provide intense skin rep... (more)
CHOSEN® by Dermatology Relaunches TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen in a Delightful Pomegranate Flavour

CHOSEN® by Dermatology, a renowned skincare brand in India, has relaunched the TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen in a delightfully natural Pomegranate flavour. TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen is curated with Peptan® Marine, a premium wild-caught fish collagen brought to India ex... (more)
CHOSEN by Dermatology Celebrates National Sunscreen Day by Launching the First-of-its-kind Interactive SPF Meter

Chennai based CHOSEN Store has launched an interactive Sun Protection Factor (SPF) meter on their website to celebrate National Sunscreen Day. The National Sunscreen Day falls on May 27 of every year. This interesting feature resembles a speedometer and is a first-of-its kind interactive SPF meter.... (more)
CHOSEN Launches Child's Play Detangler Serum for Hair

Chennai based CHOSEN, a leading cosmeceuticals brand in India, has launched “Child’s Play”, a new detangler serum for messy hair. Launched on 12th May, “Child’s Play”, as the name playfully suggests, this hair serum is formulated with a high and natural content c... (more)
CHOSEN Store to Launch its App on Tamil New Year

Chennai based CHOSEN, the store renowned for its high performance cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products, has announced the launch of its mobile app on the eve of Tamil New Year. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms. With this app, customers can expect a range of offers and... (more)