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Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv group, is one of the most diversified NBFCs in the Indian market catering to more than 7 million customers across the country. Headquartered in Pune, the company’s product offering includes Consumer Durable Loans, Lifestyle Finance, Digital Product Finance, Personal Loans, Loan against Property, Small Business Loans, Home Loans, Credit Cards, Two-wheeler and Three-wheeler Loans, Construction Equipment Loans, Loan against Securities and Rural Finance which includes Gold Loans and Vehicle Refinancing Loans. Bajaj Finance Limited prides itself for holding the highest credit rating of FAAA/Stable for any NBFC in the country today.
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Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits: Where Security Meets High Returns

Some investment options offer high security, but the yield is low, while others promise higher returns but come with increased risks. However, there is a financial instrument that stands out for its ability to strike the ideal equilibrium between these two factors – Bajaj Finance Fixe... (more)
Navigating Wealth Creation: The Strategic Role of Fixed Deposits in Your Portfolio

Fixed Deposits, commonly known as FDs, are a type of financial instrument offered by banks and financial institutions. They are known for their simplicity and reliability. FDs work on a straightforward principle: You deposit a sum of money for a fixed period, and in return, you receive a pr... (more)
Exploring Fixed Deposits: A Reliable Avenue for Passive Income and Savings

Fixed deposits (FDs) are one of the most popular and safe investment options in India. They offer a fixed rate of interest for a specified tenure, ranging from a few days to several years. FDs are ideal for investors who want to earn a steady income without taking any risk or market volatil... (more)
Bajaj Finance Achieves Landmark with Fixed Deposit Bookings Crossing Rs. 50,000 Crore Milestone

Fixed Deposits (FDs) have consistently served as a reliable investment option across changing financial landscapes for generations. Bajaj Finance, a name synonymous with trust and financial prudence, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing the Rs. 50,000 crore mark in FD bookin... (more)
Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BFL) and Flipkart Partner to Transform Mobile Shopping this Festive Season

Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv Ltd., one of the country’s leading and diversified financial services groups, has forged a dynamic partnership with Flipkart, India's leading e-commerce platform. This collaboration is set to redefine the mobile shopping experie... (more)
Secure instant funds against your gold jewellery with Bajaj Finserv Gold Loan

In India, gold holds a special place, symbolising tradition and wealth. Beyond its role as jewellery like necklaces, bangles, and rings, there is an often overlooked advantage: the potential to leverage gold as collateral for obtaining crucial financial assistance.
Ba... (more)
Bajaj Finance partners with new partner ICICI Lombard General Insurance to offer motor insurance policies

Bajaj Finance has partnered with ICICI Lombard General Insurance along with other partners to provide car and two-wheeler insurance plans on the platform Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall. These policies can be bought instantly on the platform through an all-digital and seamless customer experie... (more)
Bajaj Finance FD: A Safe and Secure Investment Tool for Your Financial Growth

Investing your hard-earned money wisely is crucial to meet your financial goals. With so many investment options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to invest your money to get the best returns. In this article, we will explore the best investment options current... (more)
What Makes FD Calculators a Must-Have Tool for Smart Investors

Investing in fixed deposits (FDs) is a reliable and low-risk way to grow your wealth. However, it can be challenging to calculate the exact returns on your FD investments, considering that interest rates and compounding periods can vary across financial institutions. That is where FD calcul... (more)
How to Make the Best Use of the SIP Calculator on the Bajaj Finance Platform?

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, making informed decisions is crucial. To aid in this process, the Bajaj Finance platform offers a powerful tool called the SIP calculator. This tool allows investors to assess the potential returns on their Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) investm... (more)