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RealX is a Digital Assets platform that enables investment in Real-World Assets as Digital Assets with legal rights to such ownership. RealX began its journey by introducing fractional ownership of properties as Digital Assets. As its first product RealX enabled people to invest smaller amounts to become co-owners of high yield and high return properties that were not accessible to many owing to the high price of owning full property. RealX has now introduced blockchain based Property Tokens (NFTs) that will provide the token holders direct and proportional beneficial owners of the property. The Property Tokens will mean a proportionate direct ‘Right to Registered Co-Ownership’ (RRO). So, a Token holder can exhaust the Token to become a Direct Co-Owner of the property.
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RealX Achieves a Milestone Achievement in Real World Digital Assets Space

RealX, a platform for fractional ownership of properties held as Digital Asset tokens, announces completion of its first commercial transaction that recorded property co-ownership on Blockchain and token holders being issued property tokens after due registration process of a property.
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