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Belgian Meat Office is the first port of call when getting in touch with the Belgian pork suppliers. The meat export office was founded in 2003 under the umbrella of the VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, and it coordinates the promotion of pork abroad. On the one hand by offering export support and on the other through B2B promotion. Belgium is a pork specialist in Europe and plays a leading role in the European meat production sector. Belgium pork companies understands that product and process are key in supplying tailor-made quality meat, and supplies pork to Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and Czech Republic, in addition to other 60 destinations across the globe. Belgium is a pioneer in the field of food safety for pork in Europe, and it ensures so from animal feed to point of sale.
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The "Art of European Pork" Campaign Returns for its Second Year, Showcasing Belgian Pork Excellence at the Upcoming FHA Singapore Exhibition

The Belgian Meat Office is pleased to announce the return of its "The Art of European Pork: By the Belgian Meat Suppliers" campaign in India, continuing to highlight the exceptional qualities of Belgian pork. Building on the success of the first year, the campaign takes a significant step... (more)
Belgian Meat Office Celebrates 'The Art of European Pork' Campaign in India

Belgian pork suppliers, esteemed leaders in supplying premium pork to India, proudly reaffirms their status as premier suppliers of pork in India. The Belgian Meat Office's unwavering commitment to the Indian market is reflected in its latest endeavour, the execution of the 'The Art of Euro... (more)
Belgian Meat Office Launches the 'Art of European Pork' Campaign, in India

European meat suppliers, and more specifically Belgian suppliers, are leaders in supplying quality pork to over 60 countries and a forerunner in food safety and animal welfare. Belgian Meat Office has launched its latest campaign in India - The Art of European Pork - with a promising thr... (more)