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Go Nisha Go is a free-to-download mobile game app. It aims to reach high school and college-going adolescent girls in India, ages 15-19 years. It provides reproductive health education (RHE) focused on menstruation, fertility, awareness, consent, negotiation, and delaying early marriage to pursue education and a career. The game companion chatbot called ‘AskParo’ covers many related questions. It is interactive and has guided flows that help girls get answers to questions they cannot ask openly. The chatbot has had more than 150,000 questions asked so far. The Game has 283000 downloads from across India. 48% of girls who have played the game are in 10-12th standard, and 31% are in college.
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Go Nisha Go Wins 'Best Serious Game' at the Gala2023 Serious Games Competition

Go Nisha Go, a mobile game designed with and for adolescent girls in India, was named “Best Serious Game” at the Gala2023 Serious Games competition in Dublin, Ireland. Led by Howard Delafield International (HDI), it was created by the USAID-funded Game of Choice, Not Chance direct-to-co... (more)