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Häfele India employs over 400 people who cater to a wide customer base with the help of an efficient distribution network, comprehensive logistics system and a sophisticated warehouse located in Mumbai.
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Converse with People in your Workspace with Safety

Approachability and a certain sense of ‘human connect’ in work spaces, whether among the employees or when facing the customer has always been essential. While the importance of this element may never cease to exist, what has become even more crucial in the current situation, is... (more)
Häfele's Prodoor Range Launched

Plusch Door Profiles from Häfele’s Prodoor Range go one step beyond your conventional profiles. Multiple design schemes depending on the vision you are going for are now possible with the help of this profile! With Plusch Door Profiles, you can experiment with different materials... (more)
Explore your Culinary Skills with the Vortex Series from Hafele

Indian Cuisine has many flavours and different styles of cooking. Ranging from traditional to fusion recipes, every cooking enthusiast enjoys preparing a meal in this Cuisine. It is this unique combination of diversity and complexity of Indian Cooking that forms the inspiration for Haf... (more)
Häfele Discoveries: The Journey Continues

We embarked on an unusual Journey this year with an exhibition that was nothing like what we have done in the past - Häfele Discoveries. The experience was as new to us as it must have been for you, since we are so used to being at a physical Häfele booth, having conversations aro... (more)
Easy and Reliable Door Operating System for the Hospitality Industry

One of the key features for a hotel is the easy and reliable door operating system. In line with this, Häfele has introduced Prolock, a new electronic access control and identification system. The system makes it simpler to organise effective procedures for hotels, providing maximum co... (more)
Transform your Living Space Every Day, with Furniture Fittings from Häfele

Whether it’s a sprawling apartment or a plush studio flat, transformable furniture is fast becoming the de facto interior scheme for residential and commercial spaces. They can serve a variety of purposes or simply move out of the way when not in use resulting in fluid living and work... (more)
Entrances Made Easier with Hafele's Range of Sliding Systems Under SLIDO

A space with larger entrance often has doors that require some effort from an individual to enter. In such cases, the doors are either kept open or they give out noise every time when the doors open and close. However, entries or exits can now be made effortless and seamless with the range ... (more)
Manage space at your Kitchen Efficiently with Blum's SPACE TOWER Unit by Hafele

Space in kitchens is an ever chasing dream for all of us; and now that everyone is spending more time at home, working and living demands are putting more pressure on the need for additional storage space in kitchens. The volume of daily groceries has increased, new coffee mugs have been bo... (more)
Camouflage your Shelves with Hafele's Blum Pull-out Shelf Lock

We are always on the lookout for an organised home where we do not prefer a cluttered living room, bedroom or kitchen. We tend to build shelves that will be used extensively, for reorganising or stacking household items, yet not wanting them to occupy the beautiful spaces at home. To provid... (more)
Häfele Expands its Exclusive Appliance Showroom in Bangalore

Häfele, the world leader in furniture and kitchen fittings, has over the last few years expanded its global assortment portfolio to include a sophisticated range of built-in home appliances; a natural transition that has enabled the Group to cater to its Global customer segments with a... (more)