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Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connects with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top Internet property and its brand one of the most recognised in the world.
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Google Launches Delhi Public Transport Offline App

Recognizing the importance of public transport as an important means of travel in Delhi, Google India today announced the launch of the Delhi Public Transport App, a unique app which makes it easier for Delhi residents to get around on public transport. The new experimental app will help us... (more)
Google and Tata Trusts Announce the Launch of Android Nanodegree in India with Udacity

With a vision to transform India into a hub of high-quality mobile developers for global and local apps, Google today announced the launch of a program to offer Android Nanodegrees in India in partnership with Udacity. The Android Nanodegree is an education credential that is desi... (more)
Google Launches Google Play Gift Cards in India

Following the launch of Google Play prepaid vouchers in June, Google today announced the rollout of physical gift cards in retail outlets across India. Google Play Gift cards are available in 3 denominations (Rs. 750, Rs. 1000 & Rs. 1500) and can also be purchased online on (more)
Popular Apps and Games now Available at Lowered Prices on Google Play Store

Following the announcement by Google on lowering the minimum purchase price for apps and games sold on Google Play in India, developers from India and around the world have finally decided to reprice their apps for Indian users. Users in India can now get popular apps like Facetune, or game... (more)
Google Cultural Institute Brings more of the Best of India’s Heritage to the World

The Google Cultural Institute today unveiled new online content in an ongoing effort to digitize and share the best of India’s heritage with the world. This includes material from 10 new partner institutions across the country: the Salar Jung Museum, Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata, Da... (more)
Google to Mentor the Shortlisted Teams Announced by MyGov to Build the Official Mobile App for India’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

MyGov today announced the final shortlisted top five teams to build the official mobile app for India’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). This contest, initiated by MyGov and Google in March, is a first of its kind crowdsourcing effort to build a mobile app for a public office. One... (more)
Google Open Doors to the 'Google House' - A Showcase of the Latest Product Innovations for India’s ‘Mobile First’ World

Today Google flung open the doors to the “Google House” — a showcase of the latest product innovations for India’s ‘mobile first’ world.  The event featured demonstrations of Google’s Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps, as well as... (more)
Minimum Purchase Price for Apps on Google Play Reduced in India

In an exciting announcement providing more flexibility to Indian users and the developers community on Google Play, Google today announced that Play users will now be able to get apps starting for as low as Rs.10. 
Alistair Pott, Product Manager, Google Play said... (more)
Google Translate App now Upgraded to Allow Instant Visual Translations in Hindi

Google today announced an upgraded version of the Google Translate App that will now allow instant visual translations of printed text in multiple languages including Hindi. Users will need to simply open the app, click on the camera, and point it at the text they need translated. It could ... (more)
Digitally Engaged Small and Medium Businesses can Play a Key Role in Driving India's Growth Agenda: Report from Deloitte and Google

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India that use cloud and mobile tools are reaping huge dividends, according to a report released by Deloitte and Google. The report, Connected Small Business: Unlocking India’s Digital Potential, states that moving from offline to an advanced... (more)