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We are World Animal Protection We end the needless suffering of animals We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda We help the world see how important animals are to all of us We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better We move the world to protect animals.
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World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week Shines Spotlight on Crucial Link between Animal Welfare and One Health

As the world marks World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week from 18th Nov- 24th Nov, World Animal Protection India launches a documentary film named ‘The Silent Killer- Antimicrobial Resistance or Superbugs’ underscoring the ground reality of antibiotic misuse and experts sharing t... (more)
National Science Centre and World Animal Protection Partnered to Raise Awareness on the Irresponsible Use of Antibiotics in Animal Farming and Eat Better to End Superbug

National Science Centre and World Animal Protection collaborated to sensitise people on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) known as Superbug causing health concerns and how higher welfare practices can help in mitigating this issue. The awareness drive sensitised over 40000 people during this one month... (more)
Wildlife Belongs to Wild - Give her a Chance to Live

In the wake of the recent reports on the abuse of a captive elephant named Joymala in a temple in Tamil Nadu, World Animal Protection has written to the Chief Ministers of Assam and Tamil Nadu, requesting the two states act cooperatively to put an end to her suffering. Given that this elephant was ... (more)
World Animal Protection and Partners Organise Veterinary Drive for Animals Affected by Assam Floods

International animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection, along with National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Veterinary Emergency Response Unit (VERU) East Zone, Department of Animal Husbandry, Assam, West Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Union Limited (WAMUL) and local communities is org... (more)
Thousands of Cows’ Lives will be Transformed as Dairies Commit to Higher Welfare

An estimated 125,400 dairy cows will live better lives, following World Animal Protection’s call on Arvind Dairy and Happy Milk to move to higher welfare farming. Arvind Dairy, has a significant presence and a growing market share in North India, sourcing its milk from over 25,000 rural farm... (more)
Undercover Investigation: Shocking Footage of Pangolin Poaching Uncovered

Alarming footage captured by World Animal Protection and WildCRU (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford) reveals the heart-breaking moment a pangolin is brutally killed for its body parts to be sold on the black market, in Assam, north-eastern India.
Hi... (more)
Irresponsible Use of Antibiotics Linked to Poor Welfare Conditions of Dairy Animals and the Risk of Superbugs

World Animal Protection is extremely concerned about the recent incidents of milk contamination coming to light, particularly from peri-urban and urban dairies. Reports about the level of adulteration in milk[1] have previously highlighted public health risks but recent research that found presenc... (more)
All the Indian States Must Include Animals in Disaster Plans to Save Communities

Today, to mark International Day for Disaster Reduction, World Animal Protection is urging the central government and all the state governments to ensure that efforts to reduce disaster risk include animal protection are in place.
World Animal Protection he... (more)
World Animal Protection Asks Dairy Companies to End Cruelty in Dairy Sector

On World Animal Day today, World Animal Protection is urging the dairy companies to work towards ending cruelty in the dairy sector. A World Animal Protection team recently visited many urban and peri-urban dairies in Delhi and found that the animals were being kept in appalling conditions. Most o... (more)
World Animal Protection Urges Indian Travellers to Avoid Animal Entertainment Venues in Bali

100% of venues with captive elephants, tigers, dolphins or civet cats didn’t meet basic needs of animals in captivity
80% of venues with primates didn’t meet the basic needs of captive wild animals
A shocking new report from World Animal Protection has... (more)