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We are World Animal Protection We end the needless suffering of animals We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda We help the world see how important animals are to all of us We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better We move the world to protect animals.
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Image Recognition Software Reveals Impact of Cruel Wildlife Selfies on Social Media

On World Animal Day, World Animal Protection is launching a Wildlife Selfie Code for tourists to learn how to take a photo with wild animals without fueling the cruel wildlife entertainment industry. Selfies with wild animals have proliferated over the last two years on Instagram, Facebook,... (more)
World Animal Protection Report Reveals Exploitation of Thousands of Elephants in Asian Countries, Including India

Countries in Asia, including India, continue to grow the captive elephant industry for elephant rides and performances to meet irresponsible tourist demands.
A new report released by World Animal Protection reveals that more than three quarters of nearly three thousan... (more)
World Animal Protection Urges the Government of India to End the Suffering of Dairy Animals

Recent research by World Animal Protection across local dairies within the city limits of six major metropolitan areas in India, has exposed the in humane living conditions and shocking treatment of dairy cows and buffaloes.
World Animal Protectio... (more)
People in India Deeply Concerned about Welfare of Dairy Animals

A new survey commissioned by World Animal Protection has shown the cruel treatment of animals in local dairies in India is unacceptable to almost 90% of people who responded; highlighting strong support for better protection of dairy animals across the country.
&nb... (more)
UN Supports Better Welfare for Farm Animals Worldwide

For the first time ever in the history of the United Nations (UN), farm animals worldwide will be better protected following the adoption of groundbreaking global policy recommendations on animal welfare in farming at the UN Committee on World Food Security meeting in Rome.
Exposing the Cruelty Behind Tiger Selfies

In the wake of the scandal and closure of Thailand’s Tiger Temple, World Animal Protection is exposing the true scale of abuse that captive tigers are enduring at the hands of Thailand’s Tiger Tourism Industry.
Launched ahead of the International Tiger Day... (more)
Protecting Animals at Rio Olympics 2016

World Animal Protection and the Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have announced a partnership to keep the city’s animals safe in the run up to and during the Games.
The Games will see millions of people flock to the city of Rio ... (more)
World Animal Protection Calls on the Government to Ensure Better Lives for Dogs in India

Stray dogs in India suffer repeated abuse, as communities affected by the threat of rabies continue to fear them. World Animal Protection is calling on the Government to take necessary measures for implementing the Supreme Court directive on vaccination and sterilisation – to help cre... (more)
World Animal Protection Urges the Government of India to Investigate All Animal Entertainment Venues in the Country

In light of the recent incident where Thai wildlife authorities uncovered 70 dead tiger cubs and hundreds of other tiger parts at the infamous Tiger Temple, World Animal Protection urges the Government of India to investigate all animal entertainment venues to ensure such practices are not ... (more)
India Leading the Way by Including Animals in National Disaster Management Plan

Measures to protect, rescue and care for animals during disasters, will now be standard across all disaster management planning, ensuring animals are never the forgotten victims of disasters.
World Animal Protection, working with the National Disaster Management Autho... (more)