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About California Walnut Commission The California Walnut Commission, established in 1987, is funded by mandatory assessments of the growers. The Commission is an agency of the State of California that works in concurrence with the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The CWC is mainly involved in health research and export market development activities. For more industry information, health research and recipe ideas, visit
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Celebrate A Healthy Heart this World Heart Day, with California Walnuts

Every year, on September 29, the world comes together to acknowledge the importance of heart health. Raising public awareness around cardiovascular diseases and their prevention is now more significant than ever. So, let’s all come together today to unite against the risk of cardiovas... (more)
National Nutrition Month 2021: The Power of a Nutritious Meal

The desire to get fit and healthy is a common goal, but the thought of making major changes in our diet or changing the diet completely can be overwhelming. Fortunately, even small tweaks can prove as essential steps towards achieving health goals in the long run. This September, as we cele... (more)
4 Simple yet Effective Ways to Help you Lead a Healthier Life

We all deserve to feel great and keep our body and mind clear. But making everyday healthy seems so time-consuming and exhausting - is a complaint I often hear. In fact, recently, this person came up to me and said, “Life was busy enough as is, and then came these testing times. How a... (more)
Achieve Your Health Goals with Walnuts, This International Yoga Day

With the world trying its hands at yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day, it is only natural that you are motivated to go for a session (or two) of this ancient form of exercise. Or maybe, you are already into your nth session of yoga. No matter which group you fit into, here's... (more)
Celebrating the Goodness of Walnuts On National Walnut Day

Despite three months of scorching heat, summer is full of reasons to celebrate. From the beautiful sunshine, the temptation of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and, of course, international and national food days to keep you in a celebratory mood all season long even though the current healt... (more)
Five Reasons you Need to Incorporate Omega-3 in your Diet

Omega-3 has been hailed as the must-have in the diet menu for multiple reasons. But what is it about omega-3s that makes it the hero of the day? For starters, Omega-3 is an essential nutrient needed by the human body that can only be provided through the diet and has been associated wi... (more)
California Walnuts Launches Global Marketing Initiative with Coordinated "Power of 3" Events Across the Globe

The California Walnut Commission announced today the second annual “Power of 3” global marketing campaign, which builds on the successful 2020 campaign. “Power of 3” will launch on March 3rd with a first-ever global event celebrated in the USA, Germany, India, Japan,... (more)
Easy Ideas to Fit Walnuts into your Daily Meals

With flavours mild, creamy, and a bit earthy - not to mention loaded with nutrients that support heart, brain, and gut health - California Walnuts are a great addition to our daily meals. Research suggests that a handful (28g) of these wonder nuts are packed with omega-3 ALA (2.5g), an esse... (more)
California Walnuts: Making Everyday Healthy

The year 2020 may have brought the world to a halt, but there’s one take away from it - health, undoubtedly, is wealth. And self-care has become ever more important to support mental health and holistic well-being. But how does one strike that health-work-life balance? How does o... (more)
Your Guide to Indulging Without Overindulging this Festive Season with California Walnuts

In India, the month October often heralds the arrival of a number of festivals. The country truly comes to life during this period, with people dressing up in their finest, cleaning and decorating their homes, and of course, preparing a variety of delicious festive sweets and snacks. What s... (more)