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Platinum Guild International (PGI) is an organization funded by leading South African platinum producers and refiners. Founded in 1975, PGI has been providing information, sales support and training to all levels of the jewelry trade for almost 40 years. In addition to its headquarters in London, PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets - China, India, Japan and the USA.
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Most Famous Platinum Jewellery from Film and Television

Many of us are catching up on television shows and movies as we continue to stay safely at home. Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for platinum jewelry, is highlighting some of the most famous platinum jewelry designs from iconic movies and television shows. All over t... (more)
Iconic Platinum Jewelry Brands: Cartier, Harry Winston, and Oscar Heyman

Iconic jewelry brands have been creating their spectacular diamonds and colored gemstone jewelry in platinum for decades. After all, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it is the most secure setting for any precious gemstone. Pl... (more)
Iconic Platinum Jewelry Designs as Seen on Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Gaga

Celebrities (past and present) are known for wearing some of the most opulent and unique pieces of jewelry on the red carpet. Did you know that in addition to the celebrity’s story, there is often rich meaning behind the jewelry they choose to accompany them? Platinum Guild Internatio... (more)
Platinum Evara's Latest Collection for Women Who Make the Rare Choice To #RiseWithGrace

Billions of years ago a meteorite crash left behind remnants of precious white metal - ‘Platinum’! Born of the stars, platinum is found in extremely limited quantities on Earth and is 30 times rarer than gold, adding a whole new dimension of exclusivity to this precious metal. R... (more)
The New Collection of Platinum Love Bands Celebrates the Love that Leads us to a Better Tomorrow

Love that can weather some of the harshest storms and still maintain that special sheen is rare. Love that can guide you through some of the toughest terrains while bringing you closer to your loved ones is precious. When love leads, distance stands no chance. With love by your side, hurdle... (more)
PGI India Launches their New 'Men of Platinum' Collection - for the Men Who Stand their Ground Despite Trying Times

2020 has been a year of unprecedented chaos and turmoil. These tough times have witnessed men in various walks of life be it business leaders, political leaders, husbands, fathers and entrepreneurs who stood by their values, making those inconvenient choices when faced with a crisis, and th... (more)
Platinum Guild India in Association with Oxfam India Aims to Uplift the Lives of Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 situation has caused unprecedented challenges in India as well as globally and has left many reeling from its impact. It has been particularly harsh on certain marginalized sections of our community such as the migrant workers. Taking a step towards helping the migrant wor... (more)
The 92nd Annual Academy Awards Showcased the Most Exquisite Platinum Jewelry Designs

Awards show season culminated with the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, where the world’s most famous celebrities walked the red carpet in exquisite platinum jewelry designs.
Platinum, the naturally white setting that truly enhances the brilliance of diamonds and col... (more)
The 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Featured Celebrities Wearing Bold Platinum Jewelry Designs

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood was in full swing tonight at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Platinum jewelry, the naturally white setting that truly enhances the brilliance of diamonds and colored gemstones, perfectly complemented the sea of colorful couture gowns worn by th... (more)
Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman Wear Harry Winston Jewelry Set in Platinum to the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards

Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman wore Harry Winston jewelry set in Platinum to 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles on January 12th.
Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman wear Harry Winston Jewelry Set in Platinum to the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice... (more)