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Platinum Guild International (PGI) is an organization funded by leading South African platinum producers and refiners. Founded in 1975, PGI has been providing information, sales support and training to all levels of the jewelry trade for almost 40 years. In addition to its headquarters in London, PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets - China, India, Japan and the USA.
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Men of Platinum's Latest Collection - a Tribute to the Men of Character who Choose to Rebuild a New Tomorrow

A year of extraordinary challenges and realizations, 2020 made us learn, unlearn, relearn and rebuild. It urged us to reevaluate what truly matters, allowed us to look at what we have with gratitude knowing it will help us build a new tomorrow. Most importantly, it set the precedent to... (more)
Celebrities Spotted in Platinum Jewellery at the 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards

The world’s most famous celebrities were spotted in Platinum jewellery on the red carpet of the 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) which took place on Sunday, April 4th.
Carey Mulligan spotted in CARTIER earrings
The na... (more)
This Women's Day, Platinum Evara Celebrates Women Leaders with #SheLeadsWithHeart

To say that 2020 forced a lot of introspection and brought about much disruption would be an understatement. It left every facet of our lives open to change. And every anticipated change was accelerated. Those in leadership included. There has been a resounding call to re-evaluate what make... (more)
The 78th Golden Globe Awards Featured Celebrities Wearing Unique Platinum Jewellery Designs

The year kick-started with 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards conducted last evening. The world’s most famous celebrities spotted in Platinum jewellery on the red carpet. The naturally white setting truly enhances the brilliance of diamonds and colored gemstones, perfectly complemented t... (more)
A Look at Queen Elizabeth II's Iconic Platinum Jewellery Collection

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her spectacular and meaningful jewellery collection. Many of these iconic pieces are set in platinum. This noble metal, one of the strongest, natural materials on the planet, also has superior longevity. Since the designs are set in platinum they will endure ... (more)
This Valentine's Day, Platinum Days of Love Celebrates Growing Invincible Together

2020 saw the world grappling with a host of difficulties and challenges - no less for couples. But in this face of uncertainty, the solace and stability that relationships offered became more valuable than ever before as couples turned to their partners for comfort and strength. Now, e... (more)
Platinum Love Bands - a Fitting Tribute to Growing #StrongerInLove this Valentine's Day

Last year’s whirlwind of adverse situations saw couples across the world face many obstacles, from distance to the over-familiarity of being together all the time, from financial upheaval to health vulnerabilities, from worrying about the ones they loved to increased responsibilities ... (more)
Celebrity Approved Timeless Platinum Engagement Ring Styles

Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for platinum jewellery, highlights the top 3 engagement ring styles that are timeless, sophisticated, and unique. All over the world, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it... (more)
Most Famous Platinum Jewellery from Film and Television

Many of us are catching up on television shows and movies as we continue to stay safely at home. Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for platinum jewelry, is highlighting some of the most famous platinum jewelry designs from iconic movies and television shows. All over t... (more)
Iconic Platinum Jewelry Brands: Cartier, Harry Winston, and Oscar Heyman

Iconic jewelry brands have been creating their spectacular diamonds and colored gemstone jewelry in platinum for decades. After all, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it is the most secure setting for any precious gemstone. Pl... (more)