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Headquartered in New Delhi, Panav Bio-Tech is one of the leading companies in India in the field of Animal Health Care. It was established in 2005 and has an exhaustive portfolio of Biopreparation that includes vaccines against various dangerous diseases, therapeutic solutions to specific pathologies and innovative nutraceutical product for the health and well being of animals.
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Panav Bio-Tech Witnesses Increased Demand for Canglob P Hyperimmune Immunoglobulins After Parvovirus Outbreak in West Bengal

As a huge number of street dogs died due to the canine Parvovirus in West Bengal, the New Delhi-based Company Panav Bio-Tech which is the importer and marketer of ‘Canglob P’, hyperimmune immunoglobulins for Parvovirus, said there is a sudden increase in the demand of the hyperimmune im... (more)
Panav Bio-Tech Introduces Classical Swine Fever - Himmvac Hog Cholera (T/C) Vaccine in India

Panav Bio-Tech, a leading company in the animal healthcare, is now offering a vaccine for classical swine fever or Hog Cholera in India. 
Himmvac Hog Cholera (T/C) Vaccine
Panav Bio-Tech has a diverse portfolio of Bio-preparation that consists... (more)