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Cancer Rounds has been founded as a new generation solution to this menace. Comprehensive cancer solutions at all stages to patients in developing countries, through a single destination, is what it provides. Founded by experts from the industry, Cancer Rounds believes that the real cause of high mortality rate is the unavailability of cancer experts and comprehensive care, leading to poor quality of life of the patient, impacting the outcomes of the treatment.
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Cancer Rounds: Timely Cancer Specialist Opinion and Remote Monitoring can Save Lives of Cancer Patients in India

A large population in India lives far from metro cities whereas cancer centers are established mainly in the metro cities. Since cancer affects elderly population more and it makes the access even tougher for patients with other comorbid conditions to reach out to the oncologist care in ti... (more)
Cancer Rounds Launched in India to Improve Treatment Outcomes and Quality of Life

Cancer Rounds is a virtual cancer hospital available to patients worldwide. It is the first-ever hospital of its kind providing help to patients suffering from cancer, by being a complete care solution for patients that includes everything from experienced oncologists to dietary counsellin... (more)