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The Federation of Seed Industries of India (FSII) has primarily been formed with the objective of bringing together like minded research based seed companies to provide high performance & high quality seeds and technological solutions for the benefit of India’s farmers and the nation at large. Our new association is driven by the fundamental value of respecting research and intellectual property of each other. FSII looks forward to working closely and collaboratively with all the stakeholders for the long term benefit of Indian Agriculture. Such a commitment from FSII help to increase the focus and investment in Seed research by the member companies, ultimately bringing out better innovation and products to famers for improving farm productivity.
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Time to leverage Intellectual Property to Drive Innovation and Competitiveness for Viksit Bharat: Seed Industry

India's agricultural sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, embracing innovation and technology at an accelerated pace. To sustain this momentum, as India strives to achieve the "viksit" tag by 2047, a robust Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) environment is crucial for ach... (more)
FSII Donated INR 20 Lakh (USD 25000) to the Benefit Sharing Fund of FAO's ITPGRFA

Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) donated INR 20 lakh (USD 25000) to the Benefit Sharing Fund of Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) showing support for the work of the Benefit Sharing Fund... (more)
Farm Liberalisation to Bring Prosperity to Entire Food Supply Chain

When the Union Finance Minister proposed 16-point action plan to boost agriculture and farmers' welfare while presenting the budget earlier this year, the stage was set for liberalisation of the farm sector. There has been a long-pending demand of the comprehensive reforms to make agriculture a... (more)
Conducive Regulation for Adoption of New Plant Breeding Technologies: Dr. Shivendra Bajaj, Federation of Seed Industry of India

Adoption of science and technology in all aspects of life has been the hallmark of modern civilization. We expect technology to address challenges and make our lives easier, the same holds true for technological intervention in farming. The farmers use technology to smoothen the process of field pr... (more)
Need For Innovative Technology in Agriculture

The importance of agriculture to India needs no mention. Although not the number one revenue generator for the country but more people in India depend on agriculture than any other sectors. The uniqueness of the region lies in agriculture being more than just a profession, it provides sustenance an... (more)
India’s Climate Action Progress Satisfactory but Agri Sector Needs more Emphasis on New Crop Technologies - By Dr. Shivendra Bajaj - Executive Director, FSII

Bushfires in summers are not uncommon for the people living in Australia. But what they witnessed this year was a mega-blaze, burning over 5 million hectares of land and claiming human lives. The bushfire incident prompted a warning of impending catastrophic dangers that can be triggered by nature ... (more)
Vertical Farming Envisages Profitable and Suitable Agriculture Business

A silent revolution is underway in the agriculture sector, which is going to be quite evident in the days to come. With the global population is set to reach near 10 billion mark by 2050, the food production must increase by 70 per cent, estimates the United Nations.
&nbs... (more)
Managing Food Wastage through Multidisciplinary Approach - Dr. Shivendra Bajaj, Executive Director, FSII

India ranks 103rd out of 119 countries on the Global Hunger Index, making it vulnerable to the threat of Food Insecurity. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) found that across the world, 50% of the food produced is wasted and never reaches the needy. India too is grappling with the challenge... (more)
FSII Urges Adoption of Hybrid Rice to Increase Rice Productivity

Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized a seminar on ‘Seed Technology Innovation for Sustainable Rice Production’ in New Delhi today. The objective of the seminar was to discuss ways to enhance rice productivity sustainably and i... (more)